What is HTML5 and what can I do?

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I have been a bit disconnected from GLBasic for the last 5-6 years, so excuse me if my question seems stupid.

What is HTML5 exactly? Perhaps the name "hmtl" confuses me... HMLT, as far as I know, is the language in which the web pages are done, and its like a ascii text with a .htm at the end.

My problem is that I need to do a little utility to be run in a web page (if you are interested, some thing like this: https://galleries.iws.imaxel.com/gallery/S4SNgM3TY2PMrZkPwjApZg/set/43tWzx8M5Dd1/home or https://mykiosk.io) and I wonder if it could be done in GLBasic html5 compiler. It has to run in iOS (safari...), Android (chrome?) and desktop.

I can do most of the programming, but I want to know if it can be done before wasting my time trying to program something that can not be done. (I have another questions, like ftp upload and image file requester, but this would be for later).


Hi Ampos

For something like what you just linked to GLB is not ideal for it and neither are most other HTML5 game engines.

You can do that with HTML, Javascript and JQuery or JQuery mobile (or other javascript frameworks)

You can perform your testing on localpages or using something like jsfiddle.net - which I use a fair bit.

You most likely need to learn javascript or jquery (easier)

Hope this helps...

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Speccy-48k, Speccy-128k, Amigas, PCs


In general HTML5 is just next iteration of standards for web development in browser based environment (end client). Previously many advanced features like video playback, 2d/3d graphic, audio needed external plugins (Flash/Java) or browser specific extensions/coding, so that complicated cross platform app/page coding. Now with standards brought by HTML5 and it support from all web browser developers you can use one code base to have you site with same features on all modern browsers. Like for example Canvas for 2d graphics or WebGL for 3d stuff. It's up to browser devs to have all such features to work properly.
Taking that into consideration, as MrPlow already specified, you should use JavaScript and one of many popular JS libs like Jquery, that have many webpage / app features already built-in. There is really ton of it, but I'm not an expert so can't advise what would best fit your needs.
As development tools you can use for example VS Code / Brackets as editor, Xampp for server.

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the best for glbasic in future is really to do a good html5 javascript port, which can been base for ports for various platforms. The reason is native code has been quite annoying to meanstream and cause a lots of annoying updates to catch up the changes.

html5 could been a good platform as base for ports to extracty iOS, Android and other platforms. The platform here should been much better than its have been in recent years as well we have much better performing platforms as well.

Howover with HTML5 in mind, newer Android versions would been required, property Android 5 or 6 and up.
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If I make a web game some day, it will probably be in Phaser (assuming it still exists by then).



I left a little upset some time ago  =D But I worked on GLBScript (aka 123basic, thank you metzzo for your very very good job), I'm worked on it a while ago, and fixed a lot of bugs.
I have not been working on it for a long time, but for 2D, it works very well. Very adaptable.
I even thought to make a webgl version with pixi.js and in the future three.js.

Maybe a solution for the GLB community.


I tried your files, the html only displayed a black screen, the .exe worked fine.
Am I doing something wrong? I use chrome.


Work fine on last firefox. But Firefox has an internal web server.


I uploaded the files and rotate sprite works!
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Works without problems on local apache server/xampp.. This is a little off topic but what's current status of 123script? As GitHub sources are 3+ years old, I didn't test them, but if it can use Polyvector and more complex code that could be good alternative solution for hmtl5 target output.
Check my source code editor for GLBasic - link Update: 20.04.2020


2.5D test ... Works fine online or with a browser with an internal web server (like firefox).

Happy New Year everyone, GLB is the BEST !


2D with sound test... Works fine online or with a browser with an internal web server (like firefox).
Yes I repeat, but it's in case the comments disappear. This often happens on this forum  ;)

GLB + HTML5 is the BEST !

PS : The Javascript source code is not obfuscated for this sample.


In fact GLB + HTML5 works.
See this simple calculator for runners I wrote for testing