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Presentation is very good, clean and nice, one thing that I could advise is to tune colors a bit more, so they could be easier to distinguish- some color combinations like light/dark orange and red can cause problems on lower brightness / worse screens.
On gameplay side you can add something like counter to each color to show how much more tiles need to have that color and some marking that 3x3 square, column and row are filled properly - numbers are easier to read in that regard, so faster to fill up, that are some 'quality of life' features that were present in one mobile sudoku game that I played passionately for couple of weeks to beat personal records.
1) 'build' function uses Win32 as target platform, not sure if always.
2) in previous GLB versions it was compiled to distribute/Win64, not sure why now it's Win32, nevertheless
latest compiled version is always copied to '' path, so yuo can use that.
3) 64bit windows is treated as separate platform, so you need to specify proper starting resolution in Project->Options
GLBasic - en / Re: UO DiNGSFont?
Last post by dreamerman - 2023-Aug-27
It is worth to note that this is the 'ver 7', so newest, I didn't saw it on forum previously, to this date I had ver 6, thanks for uploading it ;-)
GLBasic - en / Android 13 Update
Last post by MrPlow - 2023-Aug-27
Due to Google deadline for updates : End of August (with option to extend to 1 Nov)
(for older apps to be visible to newer devices - and for older apps remain eligible to update going forward)

Currently, I need to look into getting my apps all updated on weekends after work.
It has been a while, but already had some luck with getting an app without dependency on gms and ads to work and run on my phone and Android 12 & 13

See below a test with the very useful Browserstacks app testing platform...

So far so good!

I am still on older version of Android Studio and gradle model (5.4.1) and build
classpath ''

I will look into the whole new Android Studio setup after this and when my new Windows 11 Laptop arrives...


From what I recall - the 64bit compile exe just overwrites the x86 one... in the same folder...
and u can check by a simple inspection of the exe I think?

Cant remember how though...
GLBasic - en / Re: Is it possible to build fo...
Last post by Qedo - 2023-Aug-27
is the folder "D:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\GLBasic_SDK\Compiler\platform\Win64" (on my computer with Win10)
GLBasic - en / Re: UO DiNGSFont?
Last post by Cliff3D - 2023-Aug-26
Quote from: Qedo on 2023-Aug-22I found it

Where did you find it, please?

Ah - attached o your post!


GLBasic - en / Re: UO DiNGSFont?
Last post by bigtunacan - 2023-Aug-25
Thank you!
Bug Reports / 64-Bit compilation issues
Last post by Cliff3D - 2023-Aug-25
1) I can select Win64 as the target, but I cannot set the "build for this platform" tick - it is greyed out/disabled.

I can ONLY set 64 Bit compilation by pressing the "Multiplatform compilation" button.

Even so I can only build the 64 bit copy using "Multiplatform compilation"

2) When I compile to Win64 the build is compiled to "distribute\Win32\AppName" = should it compile to "distribute\Win64\AppName" ?

3) My nice new 64 Bit compile actually obeys the screen resolution set in Project...Options, whereas 32 Bit compile seems to decide on the resolution by itself?
Quote from: Cliff3D on 2023-Aug-25I've tried selecting "Win64" as platform Configuration but "build for this program" is greyed out. If i build the .exe I get is 32 bit.

Am I missing a step (I'm running on Win11 Home 64 bit) or should I post this as a bug?

Ah! I think I've found it...

One has to use "Multiplatform compilation" from the toolbar and select 64 Bit there. The new 64 Bit build will then be compiled inside a folder called "AppName\distribute\Win32\AppName". it ignores the window resolution set in Project...options.