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500€ in 10 months are 50€ per month... enough for  :booze: but no more than that.
Off Topic / CUBBY
From the makers of LogMeIn, CUBBY it is coming.

It is similar to dropbox, but with a few differences:

-You can share any folder on your computer (but a cubby folder can be done too)

-Synchronization between computers folders can be done without using online storage.

Currently it is in beta and has 5gb of storage.

It works on Win, Macos, iOS and Android.
GLOWING SKY has hit another milestone (at least for me):

Glowing Sky in WebOS market has reached 1000 sales, for a total of 524€ in a 10 months period (and 66300 downloads of the free version).

iOS has done 83 sales in the same period and 2600 free downloads, and Android, suprising me, 103 sales in 7 moths with 21000 downloads (3200 active installs).

Ratio Free vs Paid is 2.11% on iOS, 1.52% in WebOS and 0.52% in Android.

I will try it later and modify the post.
Announcements / Re: UDID
I use platforminfo$ to get device ID, then encode and save it on .ini files, so I can store that this device has, for example, bought the full app. We need a unique device ID; if not, copying this .ini file to any other device will "register" the app...

Oh, and I think 2 of my apps has been approved doing so, and when the policy was there.
Reconfortante o un éxito?  :nana:
Aquí el boss-cuenta-post soy yo, a ver que pasa!  :good:  :enc:
From the begining Android apps are closed/crash after sent to background by anything else.

BUT yesterday a funny thing happened to me.

My AndroTouch :) device (ICS) was running Digital Photo Frame. I touched some on-screen key (I think it was the |^|) and my app was sent to the ICS BACKGROUND. I mean, my app was running as a background image, with all the Android icons over it. It was so funny, the photos moving/displaying in the background, with his movement and all of this. Also I can not stop it, I had to restart the tablet.

I tried to replicate it with no luck.
Yeah, BASIC has a stigma. I avoid using GLBasic. I use GLB or C, as if you are on basic, you are just toying. No one takes you seriously. Once you get more indepth, you can talk about a modern basic.
QuoteHow about Webos, i know machine is not supported, correct me if Im wrong.


On WebOS it is really easy. TouchPad is 1024x768, so it is the same as in iPad. Pre2 is 640x480 (older palms are 640x400 and something else strange).

Pre3 is 800x480, and I dont know if pre2 screens are up-scaled or centered or top-left placed... anyway, it shouldn't be many Pre3 out there.

Definitly, TP and Pre2 is a must, and even much more sure as it is a free store. Sales ratio is lower than iOS, but absolute numbers are better.

Anyway, if you dont want to fight with HP, just find someone here that would like to publish your app in your name (I have TP&pre2).
I got many of this. And I dont like to think that are people that knows how to save-keep-reactivate a downloaded apk file... :'(
I have checked 4 files from different cameras (iOS, 2xNikon and Canon)

In all the cases, the 00 0X values are stored in offset 0x36 from the start of the file (the pos +0x36 holds the 00 and +0x37 holds the 0X). In iOS and Nikon it is 00 0X and Canon uses 0X 00. Also noted all other values are big-endian or the hell is called (bytes swaped)

So iOS and Nikon are

01 12 00 03 00 00 00 01 00 0X

and Canon

12 01 03 00 01 00 00 00 0X 00


If it safe to do a Rotation=byte(start+0x36)+byte(start+0x37)?

Checked jpeg files saved by photoshop and there was not exif orientation information, so you will have to look for 01 12 00 03 00 00 00 01, if fails, 12 01 03 00 01 00 00 00, and if fail again, ignore rotation.
The EXIF especification is here

I have made a few more research, and the key is:

01 12 00 03 00 00 00 01 00 0X

(01 12 is the orientation tag id, 00 03 is SHORT, 00 00 00 01 is only 1 value and 00 0X de rotation needed (1-nothing, 3-180, 6=90 and 8=-90).
I have found a document called "how to read an image exif rotation in VisualBasic" that could help you.

Can you implement it? If not, I will implement my own rotation routine.

Anyway, thanks.