Interesting tool (online & Desktops) for doing Shaders

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HI I found this web, very interesting for testing or practice how do shaders, the problem it's this it's done with tree.js, an awesome 3d lib for JS and when you copy and paste the Code for testing in the desktops soft * doens't works... But for testing html5 shaders I think can be a good trainer...

And this tool for all desktop systems...*** Here the little problem

Basically it's an inteface with a simple Text Editor, you compile the shaders... I think another nice tool free for practice...


Thanks Ocean I usually take a look to Krhonos Web, but really I don't find this... This it's a good place for start to learnig how do shaders. Bookmarked.!!!  :good: :good: :good:


ok Ocean, I begin here when I start with Shaders, I know about another book, I think it's called the Red Book , really the cover it's orange , all people says it's needed read this book...

At the start when I beggin I try to search something in Spaninsh, I always think in Shaders like something really complex perhaps really they don't.