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Hi there!!!
I don't know if this trik now someone... or if has been comment in the forum...

Well whit X_Line in the 3D world, if you punt the Widt at 1.0 it's the same than 0.1, it's a bit fat line, and you can see a lot of very bad Antialiasing...

Well if you put before draw the lines an alphamode 0.2 I only test this value for now... You have a very very tiny nice Lines...

In the captures, seems not very diference but really, have a lot of change... Like the grid of a 3d Suite


As far as I know it depends on the devices drivers how thin or far x_line and x_dot are drawn by default. It may be look nice on your PC but when your customers get it to there machines it may look totally messed up. You just can not tell what happens, which is why you should try to avoid these...
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Yep, maybe it is system based.

For example, on my game, even with alpha mode 0ff and no antialiase, when I run on native resoliton(320x240) it shows antialiased on my PC, and very nicely done, but won´t show pixels, I guess it has to do with the settings on the video card (like auto-antialiase, no app choosen).

If I use a grabsprite to scale things up, like 2x,4x, then it all goes as expected.

Most users won´t bother setting up their GFX card, so it may be an issue, or something you would have to state on a readme or in app instructions.

...just some thoughts.


ok, well I only comment in PC, really I was working in a 3d space, and I don't know if this "trick" was commented yet...


Would you mind releasing more info on that 3d space? :) is it an object visualizer? an editor maybe? curious.. curious.. jaja =D


Hi Erico yes I starting for make a test a modeler  :D :D (only make a movement of a box whit the mouse it's a bit complex, I have to look more in dept, rotate and Scale no problem), I want do a tool for paint the .ddd like BodyPaint of cienema 4D, really not it's too much complex make something util... somehting like BodyPaint, it's too much work... but for texturize the .ddd models I think can be good for all who makes 3D..


Uau, that would come in really handy! Specially if the tool can unwrap the UV before paint.

I haven´t done much on 3d yet but it really sucks going from my normal applications to DDD.
Most object conversions fail or come out strange limiting a lot what I could use inside 3d.

I can´t even export OBJ from lightwave as the DDD converter does not like it, so have to go through blender, but then I loose the UVmap, so I have to export a DAE to blender, work the UVmap out and from there export an OBJ that is convertible...quite a pain :(

I wish you luck with that, would be a wonderful add on to GLB tools! :good:
Let me know if you need any help I could do.


About the unwrap in the program I take a look, but I don't have too much idea how do it... I think if I put some planes like a box, and then copy this points to this planes... like a projection, then I have a box simple unwrap but usefull...

About paint something unwrapped, it's easy, I did some time ago... only it's needed a few commands... after it's make a good painter editor...

I comment anything If a I need help, for testing sure, I comment!!!  :booze: