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Iirc Android can replay mod files out of the box ?! ( Amiga songs).

iam right?


Off Topic / Re: Christmas about to terminated
« on: 2016-Dec-25 »
i want cookies !

i wish all Glbasic User a great XMas. 

Announcements / Re: New website
« on: 2016-Dec-22 »
i read the forum many times with my small phone.
please put the forum link in the description.

great 😀 !  i like the idea and will spread it around the world.

Esp8266 and/or Esp32 are really nice Devices. Booth are working  good if you try to connect it with a device which running glbasic programm with sockets tcp and udp.
Esp8266 can also run a Basic inside hisself , so its easy to use.
you can buildt an accesspoint with for ios and android .
Recommended for your hacks..

Hi , i have a nice idea for a new project .
for ios i have no idea if i can load a pic from the camerafolder .
or is it possible to get an image direct from the camera


Announcements / Re: Update
« on: 2016-Aug-23 »
yea ipv6  :booze:

thx gernot

do you like the avatar ?

great !

what is your goal ? i cant understand.

i build a sort of wrapper for 2d commands on the rpi , it reads the serial data from my micromite
and shows it.

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