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I'm so pleased to see this thread! :)

I thought it was over... Which would of been a real shame, so a big fat thumbs up from me! :)

If anyone is interested, I've put my old HTC Desire on Ebay:-

Read the description though, as it's well used!

(UK only)

On, but off topic, you should try PMC:-

Belter!!! :)

I'm not sure if I want the GLBasic engine to be used as a library for a script language.

Just spied this... This happened to BRL, someone nicked the Blitz3D runtime.dll (or whatever it was called), bundled it with a scripting language and released it for coinage, they eventual replaced the lib with something else, but after that, I think BRL included something in their EULA!

I'm not saying this is the intention here, but, you'll have to be careful with that, if you have nothing in place to state this shouldnt be done, then, your left wide open!




Released inline with Nags Heed Darts being available for Windows, Linux, OSX (Intel) and Android! 

Go have a peek*!


*If you find anything wrong, let me know! Tar
Me and my now deflated abscess on my armpit wish everyone a happy new same old! :)

Quick question, what are the minimum/recommended specs to run a GLBasic app on Windows, Linux and Mac?

I want to add this info as I've moved both my games to these platforms (Inc Android), they work lovely on what I've tested, but (WinXPSP3, VistaSP2, Ubuntu, Snow Leopard), would like to advertise the hardware guff too! :)

The thing is, my hardware is what I would call decent, its me Mac, so, I havent a clue how low my apps could go!

Thanks in advance! :)

Yep, I've just done this using dropbox, I zipped it up (using 7zip), dropped it in my dropbox folder, went into mac, it came through, unzipped it, and voila, ran fine!

Nice work, just a little thing though, pressing a space on the keyboard puts caps on?

EDIT: Ah, just spied the comments and removed the little snippets that does that! :)

Just a lil update, I havent so much as fixed it, but, made my own which works, though, this article was a great starting point in explaining how it all worked! :)

Still never figured out the 500 error, though, I suspect there was something wrong with the DB, I dunno, any, thanks for the heads up! :)

Trying to use this, but, when I get to the point where paypal calls donative.php, I get this error:-

HTTP Error 500 (Internal Server Error): An unexpected condition was encountered while the server was attempting to fulfil the request.

Any ideas... I've checked and double checked the code, changed the mysql guff to mysqli, still the same

EDIT: Also, paypal_ipn.php isnt writing anything to the database, though, I've wrote a test php that fires off a query into the table and that works!?!

I started flicking through my Amstrad CPC manual when I was 9, made my first game when I was 10, simple little maze came, that used ink testing for collisions (TEST or TESTR, cannot remember now), continued using that method, along with creating graphics using SYMBOL, from there, started using Sean McManus's sprite tools as well as mixing machine code with Locomotive BASIC...

All gleaned from Amstrad Action, and the benefit of running my own PD library! :D

Glory years IMO! :)

Cor!!! :D

Just so people know, Qubey has wrote a post mortem on the game here:-,209.msg5430.html

Top stuff! :)

You havent say, left debug on in xCode have you?

I noticed my new game was a bit jiddery (I aim for 30FPS on mobiles), worked great on other devices, so, couldnt understand why the iOS version was acting up, though and behold, flicking from debug to release in xCode made it run as smooth as silk.

Just an idea.

Know what it is.... I looked and ruddy looked for bit shifting commands in the docs... Bugger! :D