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GLBasic - en / Bit of a Mesh
« on: 2008-Aug-27 »
Hi, Using Wings3D I made a simple building and a flattened cube as ground, putting a dozen houses via a loop onto the ground works OK in GLBasic. In Wings3D I connected the houses and ground and saved it as scene.3ds, but when I used 3DConvert I get the message ".3ds file has no nodes" and when I use the scene.ddd file only one house is shown. I loaded the the scene.3ds file into a Blitz3D and it worked fine.
Am I missing something?

Bug Reports / IF/THEN but also
« on: 2008-Jan-11 »
If I have multiple statements on the same line and the first IF/THEN is not true rather than go to the next line it caries on with the rest of the line.
x=x+1;IF x>100 THEN x=0; y=y+1
This will increment y every time through the loop instead of just when x=100

Bug Reports / Microscopic Print
« on: 2008-Jan-07 »
When I print a file from the GLBasic editor the printout is too small to read, yet it looks ok. in the print preview.

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