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[Windows Only] .mid - Midi file creation library.


This library was created by Björn Rosenthal AKA Moru, in 2008 for GLBasic.
Have fun making midi music!
ps. midi structure is a bit cryptic, you should probably learn about midi format before attempting to make software with this lib.

edit: March 30, 2021
IDE Version 15.238, Windows 7

Will give this one a good look over as I use midi a lot with VST's & other soft synths. May come in very handy for some midi file processing converting between the different midi file types or even splitting midi tracks into separate files. I have similar utils that I wrote myself years ago on the Amiga.

Thanks for posting this  =D


Yes I take a quick look, and it's very nice... I like the mode for creating sounds... this it's a point I like to know how do it... In the SFXR Port of Gernnot I saw the .wav, but I don't understood too much how do it...

Thanks I think this it's very Usefully, I think whit Arduino, it's possible make nice things...

I updated and tested this on win7 ide15.238 successfully.
Updated attachment is in the first message at the top of this thread.


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