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I'm doing the Ludum Dare 25. My first.

I will probably be using my event-driven framework, already announced on the official site.
Phoenix Framework

There are still things I want to add before the competition starts, like file loading, a list and sort function (also one I can use for Z-sort), object-attached listeners, and basic colliders/physics if I have time.

Welcome Finnk.

I´d wish to be able to participate too, but time has been an issue later (december and all that) and the free time will go to some team projects here.
Good luck, keep us posted on the goings. :good:

Awesome, Finnk.

I really want to do 25 but I'm worried about taking away focus on my Chaos remake. Its a surprisingly big project and I'm feeling the pressure to get it done.

If I did do Ludum Dare 25 I'd be using a better framework than last time (text, easing functions and particle engine stuff). Also, I want to try the Jam instead of the Compo since I found the last Compo completely exhausting. Took me ages to get an idea and I finished something submittable with barely 10 mins to go. Ugh. It killed me. Hated it. Didn't help that I decided a large map with 57 separate tiles and animation was a good idea. Lesson learned. Need someone else doing visuals and helping out in other ways. Also, must leave time for music creation and polish for last day.

If more than three of us on this forum decide to do it then I'll join. :)

So I hadn't touched that framework in a year and spending time with it recently, I realize I never really got anywhere with it. Kind of embarrassing. It think it was because exported Mac had the font sprites loading out of order or something, but anyways... I looked at it and it was crap. A lot of stuff was broken and I would've been going in without a working framework.

So I updated it, and it's beautiful. I could hand it to a newbie and have them make a game in a day.
- Added basic Box2D physics with the help of info from this forum. Still need to add some more stuff like custom shapes, but it's workable for now.
- File loading/saving
- Import basic orthographic Tiled maps.
- Import Texture Packer-made sprites and manually add animations to the object by frame values
- Tween Towards coords. Fade (except on fonts and objects with physics)
- I noticed I didn't even have sound functions in there, so basic ones are in

Still want to add more stuff, but getting close to the start date now. Also realizing I should add some preloading functions because when I play in higher resolution and it uses the 4x textures, it takes longer to start up.

Anyways, just prepping for this competition has been a good lesson. Oh yeah, I think that when exporting for Mac the font sprites are still loading weird. No idea why, but it's fine on Windows so that'll have to do.

You are sure well prepared! Go!


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