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Like the Apple AppStore thread and the Palm Catalogue, this one contains Android Marketplace programs

Please make a post in the form of :

Name of Application
File size

PS. IM know this is a very old thread, since its renamed to Google Play for long time ago, im thinks im finally renaming to that. Im not touch the rest.

Name of Application : VectorEditor
Genre : Productivity
Cost : FREE
File size : 1.3Mb

My first submission is my VectorEditing program, available at

I may say, the Android submission process is probably even easier than the Palm one!

Will be interesting to see what feedback I get for it...

Name of Application : UsefulCodeViewer
Genre : Productivity
Cost : FREE
File size : 1.3Mb

My second submission is my so-called UsefulCodeViewer :

Name of Application : Spots : The Board Game (Demo)
Genre : Games -> Brain & Puzzle
Cost : FREE
File size : 17Mb

Now published a demo version of Spots for the Android devices.  Will be interesting to see what the feedback is like :)


Name of Application : GLBasic Command List
Genre : Books & Reference
Cost : £1.00
File size : 1.4Mb

My first paid application is my GLBasic Command List Reference program


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