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Like the Apple AppStore thread, this one contains Palm Catalog programs

Please make a post in the form of :

Name of Application
Minimum webOS version
File size
Application Submission Type : (Beta/Appstore submission)

Name: PlushBreaker
Genre: Strategy
Cost: 1.00 Eur
Minimum webOS version: 1.4.5


This game follows the classical principle of “Match x” games. You have to try to find as many as same coloured plushies next to each other. The more you delete all at once, the more points you get. ;)

The mini plushies are cute animated and are happy, that you will send them to the plushie paradise.

Good luck!

Catalog Link:
Website Link:

Ian Price:
B'lox! is now available to purchase from the Palm App Catalog :)

Name: B'lox!
Genre: Puzzle Game
Cost: $1.50/£1.20
Minimum webOS version: 1.4.5


App catalog:

Genre: FUN
Cost: 1$/1€
Minimum webOS version: 1.4.5
Languages: English, spanish

Do you want to be The King of the Party?

Or do you want to cheat your friends or their coins?

With this simple app, you will be able to perform a simple magic trick that will amaze your friends.

Ask them for a coin (it can be a dollar, gb pound or euro) and make it disappear. They will try to repeat the trick, but they will not be able. After many tries, you can repeat the trick and... the coin will dissapear again!

The will get crazy to find the trick with no luck!

And if you want extra laughs, just say ABRACADABRA while performing the trick... this will confuse them, and you will laugh even more!

The game includes detailed instructions about how to perform the trick and how it works, and a interactive tutorial that will help you to master the trick.

Don't let pass this oportunity, be a real magician and get fun with your friends... even you can earn some money!

Cost: 2$/2€
Minimum webOS version: 1.4.5
Languages: English, spanish, french, german, italian, portuguese, brazilian, hungarian and norwegian.

The Last Angel

The very first graphic novel, edited exclusively in digital format, with color high resolution images.

Enjoy a visual quality never seen before on your iPhone/iPad.

"The last angel" tells the story of a war between beings of hell and heaven.

In this war, the ones without authority to contradict the 10 commandments, as 'you shall not kill', are victims and easy preys of this demons, thirsty of revenge.
Enjoy this first chapter, "The Beginning", where you will know how the tragic story of Kaden begun, the protagonist of "The last angel".

"The last angel" is the Opera Prima of Alberto Espejo, 26, Seville, and it has a very elaborated script, where he mixes reality and fantasy, mythological beings and angels, in a universe perfectly suited.

The new chapters will be on the application automatically whenever they are available.

Also this is the first comic published under iQuiosk technology, developed by, that lets the authors to publish easily, with their material protected, maintaining the global property of his job. Even the use of iQuiosk is free.

Note: this app needs an additional online download of 55mb once installed. Ask your mobile company or use a WiFi conection.


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