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Hi All,

I am curious if anyone here has tried to get GLBasic to run on a Mac using Crossover.
If so, were you successful and how did you get it to work.

I tried this evening, and it installs, but it crashes when trying to run at the splash screen.
I am hoping to get this working.

BTW - in case someone does not know Crossover, but uses Wine - Crossover is just a commercially supported build of wine for Mac. So wine advice may also apply.

Thanks in advance,

I use VMWare, with a shared folder, write and test in the Windows VM, compile the xCode project in OSX.

Would be great to lose the extra OS layer though!


in work...

Hi trucidare,

Yes, I am looking forward to your IDE, and I am sure it will be better than wine, I just want wine for now until yours is ready.

BTW, I apologize I have not had time working on buttons for you, but if you PM me a list of exactly which buttons you need, I can now finally continue.

I bought a new home about the last time you heard from me, and relocated almost 400 miles away from where I used to live. So I am sure you can understand I have been very busy.


I have GLBasic v9.x (the latest version) successfully working in CrossOver Professional 10  :good:

Well, I say successfully but I can't get it to compile for iOS as it comes up saying the iPhone is depreciated or something like that. However, it works great enough to develop on. It has very good 2D & 3D speed too. When I have more time I'll have a look deeper into whats going on with iOS compile, but it may be something that can not be fixed. No big issue though as I can always fire up Parallels when I want to compile for iOS.

Anyhow.. How did I get it to work? (to this stage). Something around these lines (might not need all of them though).... Create an empty XP Bottle, install (all into the one bottle, not new ones) - core fonts, MS C++ redistributable 2005 and 2008 & IE 7 (all available from the software list). Then lastly I installed GLBasic. I did have to choose the location of where it stores it's documents pretty quickly as for some reason that window kept shutting off (the choosing of a folder on the first run of GLB).

I then made a couple of adjustments to GLB and the Bottle to get rid of the damn ugly fonts it (CrossOver / Wine) uses by default. All in all, quite impressed with CrossOver 10 and GLBasic for what I need at the moment as it means I don't always need the extra OS layer via parallels.


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