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Just picked this up today.  I liked the PC version, but was surprised to see how well it translated to the iPod.  So far I'm having a blast and possibly enjoying it more than I did the PC version despite there being no real difference -- could just be the interface differences between PC (mouse clicking) and iPod (finger poking).  Very high quality I think.  Not sure (if I made games) that I could hit Popcap's level of quality, but heck I'd sure try after playing this.  Be interested to see what the speed is like when I have a full screen of moving zombies, plants, bullets, bombs etc. going.  So far feels very smooth and responsive, but I'm not that far into the adventure side of the game.

Now if they'd only decide to convert their old, old games Mummy Maze and Seven Seas.  They were simple, but I used to enjoy them a lot.  Especially Mummy Maze.  =D

Edit:  Darn, nope there is slow down when the screen gets full.  Oh well.  Was looking pretty good right up until then.  Responsiveness of the controls gets worse in that situation too not surprisingly.  So I'd only recommend to fans of the original.

Ps. iTunes is rapidly becoming one of the most awkward, mind-numbingly moronic applications I've ever been forced to use (and that award used to belong to some 'backup' software I was forced to use in my job as corporate systems administrator for an IT company -- software that didn't work at all I discovered one day, much to my horror shortly after starting there, when I went to check whether or not file retrieval worked).  I had some applications I didn't want anymore so had iTunes remove them from my harddrive and my iPod, however I also have applications that I'm trying to update -- but if I click on 'Update' for any of the programs I still have it automatically adds _all_ my applications that have updates ready to the download list, including updates for all the programs I deleted.  Aaaaargh!
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