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Here you can post all your games in appstore. Please make posts like:

Name of the App


Hope for many Posts :) Discussion in other threads please.


Genre : Action / Arcade
Cost : $0.99


CRACKSHOT is unique. The game input control simulates the action of a slingshot. The player uses their finger to pull back the elastic and fire flaming pumpkins at various invaders and bosses which are descending onto a sleepy little village.

The graphics are pre-rendered 3d models and were created by my partner and special effects professional Ken Tarallo.
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The game physics are modeled realistically to the strength, direction and gravity of the release of the pumpkin, and gives a very smooth and realistic visual. The gameplay is "honestly" addictive and the level difficulty increases "adequately" as you progress through the game making for a compelling, fun experience.The aim was to create a game that was easily accessible and provided fast, fun and addictive game play that was very good value for money. We feel that at $0.99 we achieved our goal.

Here is a link to the game in the iStore
( )

Check it out on YouTube
( )

Screenshots -

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Kitty Hello:
NAME : Wumbo
Genere: Puzzle / Family
Cost: $ 1.99


Wumbo is on a search for candy! Help him by dodging fire, bombs, ice and monsters in this tricky puzzle game. Using teleporters, keys, switches and more, Wumbo must overcome the hazards to solve each of the 50 lovingly designed levels.

-50 fun and unique levels
-cute, funny characters and voices
-precise and easy-to-use touch controls
-save your game progress
-create your own levels with the built-in editor!
-exchange your levels online with friends

Just tap the screen anywhere then drag in the direction you want to move.

[attachment deleted by admin]


Name: Noid
Genre: Action / Arcade
Cost: $ 1.99


Noid, inspired by the classics but with a Mayan feel. Prepare your fingers and test your reflexes through challenging levels and collect different power-up gems that will help you along, while the music immerse you into the Mayan civilization in one of the most fun and addictive games for iPhone / iPod Touch.
Easy to play, for all ages, it makes Noid a favourite of gamers worldwide.

Features include 
  • Beautiful graphics inspired in Mayan civilization.
  • 2 Different game modes:
  • Normal Mode: Play through 40 beautiful and challenging levels for hours of play.
• Endless Mode: Survive as long as you can, playing endless levels built by our   exclusive level engine.
  • 9 PowerUp gems to catch, including classics like sticky and new ones like touch.
  • Combo system.
  • Continue your game from last level completed.
  • Save your highscores.
  • Rich sound effects.
  • Vibrant music with a Mayan feel.

The ultimate experience in breakout style gaming!


Try for free:

Title / Link: Taxi Taxi
Genre : Action / Arcade
Cost : £0.59 / $0.99

Description :

Fed up never getting a cab?  Can't flag one down when you want?! Well, stop complaining and see how hard commanding a fleet of taxis is!
Work the shopping mall, pick up the customers, contain your road rage, and make the $$$$ to win the game!
But be careful. If you crash your taxis or bump a pedestrian, you're fired!
The think quick, act quicker game from PuzzleBox Games. From now on you'll love your taxi driver!
Move your taxis into their parking slots and pick up your fares.  Be quick as the mall is busy and people need taxis all the time! So don't stop hustling for fares or your taxis are going to crash into each other & the game is over!

Oh, and mind the pedestrians, they don't know any better, but they don't want to be bumped but if they are then you'll lose the game!

Strap in and keep hold of your road rage!

Screenshots :

YouTube Video : Taxi Taxi - iPhone game


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