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As in the way of a request to GBAL authors... ;)

Please, if a library can be released as GBAS, do so then, GBAL relies on the fact that the user can never alter it, that is, to add to its features, correct mistakes... so if the GBAL author is not available then the end user is screwed...

I am not sure I can use any of these GBAL libraries for fear of it bringing down my project at later date without me being able to fix it if the author is not around... yes, Ive been in that situation before unfortunately with another language.

My view.  This was an argument on another forum for another language.  I posted some screenshots of a 2D GUI I was working on and planning to release for free as a lib for that language.  I also had a few other libs I planned to release.  I got nothing but flames because I said I would only release it as a lib.  I made it clear that if I ever decided to drop support for the lib, I would indeed release the code as public domain.  Still, I was told how horrible it was I would not release the code up front, or that I would lose the code or somebody could rob me and steal all of my computers (The irony is I have been programming since 1979 and have every bit of code archived that I have ever written and have maintained copies in two off-site locations since the late 80s.)  Learning the lesson for trying to be nice, I kept the libs just for myself and refused to support the community.

Libs released for a specific language are no different than DLLs or COFF or LIBs released for mainstream languages.  Rarely do you get the source.  It can be a pain when somebody drops support for something.  But there is a huge difference between sharing your work (libs/dlls) and completely giving it away (code).

Now that we have a lib format (Thank you, Gernot) I will be releasing some libs for GLBasic.  I will not release the code unless I plan to drop support for the libs.  If I encounter people griping like they did in the past, then I will not release the libs. ;)

The GLBasic community is great because it is not permeated by the nonsense found in so many other communities.

Hello, you need not to cause any worries for you here.  The gbal becomes from the IDE Encodiert and decoded.The key to it wisely Gernot.   It therefore is no problem to be converted the whole one again to the gbas.  ;)

This is just a suggestion.  Since gbals are only for fellow GLBasic users, it might be helpful to keep track of who authors a lib if each author uses a custom prefix for all of their libs.  Example:


This way each person/company could have/use their own custom prefix to identify their work.  Just by looking at your collected libs, you can easily organize them by author and know who wrote them without browsing documentation.

I plan to use the prefix: SR.  So anything I release will look like SR-Whatever.gbal

Prefix:  SR
Author:  Brice N. Manuel, Jr.
Company:  Flaming Amoeba

Anybody else willing to jump on board?

Well its the peoples choice as you say. .GBAL has its place.

I also have to consider what would happen if the whole .GBAL can't be replaced by myself easily if the sh*t hits the fan a year into a large project...

Hehe, my paranoia nose no bounds, I used to develop games for 8 and 16bit home computers, then, the whole platform could disappear with no warning! :P


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