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I've been testing my games with an old version of GLBASIC (v12) to compile for Mac OS x86. I'm looking to make the game available for vintage Macs and I've had some success with compiling and running on my old Mac running 10.11 El Capitan. However I'm getting the demo message flashing up in the top corner of the screen. I'm a paid up user of v16 via Steam, is there a way to get a licence key to use the older versions as registered? :)

Generally GLBasic licence code is kept in 'AppData\Local\Temp\glbasic\' file, that's generated with project compilation, it contains 'encrypted/hashed' email and licence code. Old (standalone) version code differs a bit from Steam version but after decoding should be usable to use in pre-Steam version.
In short: maybe ask Gernot for proper licence code for old version (submit your Steam profile for verification), decode to use Steam credentials in older version (not sure how difficult it will be), or try using my code editor (works with GLB v14/15/16, but I didn't test compilation for all platforms). Another workaround but not tested, would be compile any project with Steam version to get '', use properties-advanced to set that file to admin created with 'read-only' flag for other users, so your user account would not be able to overwrite/delete it when you would use older GLB version.

Thanks for the reply  :)
Not sure about my decoding skills with the licence file but I've sent Kitty Hello a message so hopefully I'll hear soon.

By the way I think the contact form for Gernot on the website contact page is broken, I'll let him know hopefully when I get in touch through the forum.

Quick update, Gernot's been in touch with a licence key that I can use with v12, and the good news is newly compiled versions of my game now work on my Mac without 'Demo' appearing on the screen - success!  :booze:

btw. wasn't v14 or v15 last version to support MacOS? You just needed to download additional platforms from GLB website in zip packages. As I'm curious later (post v12) additions/updates were also added to Mac part as core code for iOS/Mac still exists in GLB source, so maybe it could be possible to prepare Mac project with newer GLB version with some changes to platform.ini or something.
So you are running your project on M1 mac? Are there any graphical issues/glitches?


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