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GLBasic - en / Re: Pegasus and the Phantom Riders
« Last post by erico on 2021-Nov-16 »
Super thanks for the support and good will chaps!
Thing is, it is mostly about total lack of work, and I understand that to be hard to get any help as recommending someone is never simple.
Anyways, if you guys know of anyone that could use the things I do, just let them know I exist :)

I will try create a patreon and local brazillian similar stuff next weekend. Will also see into making my games available directly by paypal on my site as well as attempt art commission through tweeter. Maybe a combo like that can easy things up. I have designed a game making course with GLB but haven´t got opportunity to push it forward through covid. Maybe that could blend into those funding deeds? Or maybe the best shot is to do it locally with classes of 3 or 4 people or both options.
I also have been trying to do retro games, zx spectrum stuff for a compo this next month if I can complete it in time.
If I can, maybe that will also be a good front, the compo may bring publicity to it.

Anyways, let´s move on.
I will try finish that zx spectrum game and then get back to this one.
Thanks again chaps!

Beta Tests / Re: SGEngine Demo
« Last post by SnooPI on 2021-Nov-16 »
I wanted to send it today but I just realized that I forgot an example with the GUI  ;/
So tomorrow probably.
Thank you for continuing to be interested in this project and your compliment, I have worked a lot on this engine and this demo this week  :good:

If you need a specific example let me know  ;)
Off Topic / Re: Steam Deck
« Last post by MrPlow on 2021-Nov-15 »
this is all very positive and interesting for GLB!!!  :good:
Beta Tests / Re: SGEngine Demo
« Last post by Qedo on 2021-Nov-15 »
thanks SnooPI always a great job.
When are some examples in GLB?
Off Topic / Re: Steam Deck
« Last post by Kitty Hello on 2021-Nov-15 »
Also, there is a CMake project, that theoretically should let you compile GLBasic programs to any platform. We might start with Linux and Mac for a first test.
I'd still go with the HtCreateThreads method. You might be able to implement OpenMP, but seriously, if you're dounf MT, you need to know what you do. It's not that easy if you want to avoid racing conditions etc.
Off Topic / Re: Steam Deck
« Last post by bigsofty on 2021-Nov-14 »
It's sounds too good to be true but as far as I can see it is. Valve is really showing how bad we've been treated as customers from the big companies like Nintendo, Sony etc. in the sense that they have all created walled gardens for the games on there hardware. Developers pay to get on there, users pay a tax on the cost of the game simply as they have no choice. You can sell your game via Steam for the Steam Deck but Valve has made it clear, if you want to side load a game, they won't block the developer. The side loaded game will appear on the GUI in the same way as one bought in Valves store. Good on em!
Nice work Gernot!  8)
Off Topic / Re: Steam Deck
« Last post by SnooPI on 2021-Nov-14 »
 :D :D

Thanks for the info Dreamerman, it was long but very interesting  :good:
Announcements / Re: Updates Blender export / DDA file format
« Last post by SnooPI on 2021-Nov-14 »
Although I don't like Blender's interface it's a very good news.

(reminder to myself: always comment code. Code you wrote 5 years ago is code someone else might have written...)
:D I confirm!

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