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Qedo it isn't an issue with your computer, on my pc FileRequest$ also doesn't work but gives other error 'Access Violation Exception', on both Win 8.1/10, it doesn't work in either debug/release modes, and this only applies to v16 (Steam), same code compiled with v15 works properly and opens popup window. Also I can't get those inline examples working, Am I missing some include files or something that's needed to check this?
GLBasic - en / Re: True Type Fonts
« Last post by dreamerman on 2021-Oct-21 »
Please dont get me wrong but bug happens to everyone, or I would quote now popular catch phrase "mistakes were made" :-)
If you see that something isn't working as it should/feature isn't complete or something post it on forum, such things could get unnoticed. TTF or custom font face swapping is nice but for simpler multi-language support I'm sticking to sprite fonts - much easier to prepare let's say Chinese buttons for small games without messing with Unicode. TTF also has its place and it's own strength.
One good thing in JS is no compilation time, and instant preview for small things, good way is to write small parts of code in JS to check everything and later translate that to final programming language.
GLBasic - en / Re: Not wanting pixel perfect collision
« Last post by dreamerman on 2021-Oct-21 »
As already mentioned by others, I would use simple array check for map tiles as those are mostly square sized, and rect colisions for all other game objects like enemies/bullets/powerups, pixel perfect collision sound nice but as you already noticed isn't perfect for all situations :) and it's much slower if you will have dozens sprites to check. Depending on game can be using several smaller rect boxes for collision that would cover most of player sprite, let's say you have top down shooter, you can easilly use two rect for palyer aircraft, one for hull second for wings and that's it.

Just answering if anyone would search for similar topic.
Code Snippets / Re: CUSTOM SHOEBOX
« Last post by dreamerman on 2021-Oct-21 »
Very nice project, due to previous bugs with GLB shoebox I was looking for possibility to use it in next project, but main issue was that for sound/music it needed to save files on device and was opening them in standard way, so it makes loading times longer when there are many media files :/ (i was afraid specially about Android) And im also not sure how loading from custom shoebox and using Mem2Sprite would compare in terms of speed to normal shoebox. But nevertheless I looked even deeper, in SDL docs you can find function that creates sound/music objects from memory (like Mem2Sprite), but that isn't well documented if I remember correctly so that would be more tricky to do it in GLB. Beside all this it was very promising, and could be even better if additional files encryption could be used apart compressing them as PNG, some kind of password system or byte checks when uncompressing.
Thing about compression, there is minimal zlib.dll version that contains only basic functions for dictionary base compression, curious how this would compare to 'compress as PNG' method. Years ago I made some kind of LZ77/dictionary encoder in FreeBasic, wasn't so good as zlib but still it was only pure Basic code, maybe time to rewrite it in GLB just for fun.
But now with this load data from memory hack you can rework your shoebox to use this trick and that would be awesome, another possible way of protecting/packing files, I would like to see direct comparison to standard shoebox in some game project.
I also don't have AndroidStudio installed currently :D so can't test it that way..

To be honest not worthy dedicated post after such time, but editing my last post also wound't be fair if someone is looking for updates on this.
It look's that I fixed of one nastiest bugs that I wasn't able to diagnose from long time. Due to incorrect process/thread handling on my side (during GLB project compilation), the editor was freezing after system events that were affecting threads - like hibernating, changing some system settings. Now after few hours of testing different things that previously cause that issue, I didn't encounter such behavior, so I hope that it's fixed. That was main thing that was annoying me in long terms, and it could be deal breaking for others so that's why I'm posting this.
Changes/fix in process handling is major fix in this update, but beside that there are some other small changes/fixes, nothing huge, and I doubt that any additional major change/feature will come now (like code analysis for warnings or something).

Maybe not best place for such offtopic but if any one is wondering about possible other editors to use with GLB, most modern editors use LanguageServerProtocol to support additional programming languages (I highly advise Visual Studio Code, as mature opensource cross platform tool with many editing features). And you would need to write such lexer/parser as this would be the best way to have GLB support in all other possible editors. I looked into LSP docs and I'm terrified :D writing complex lexer to have support for all features like syntax coloring/formatting, auto-completion, function hints would be huge job, so if anyone feels strong enough I wish him luck ;-)
Code Snippets / Re: Load data from memory
« Last post by hardyx on 2021-Oct-20 »
Wow, this is very cool for creating data at runtime using the "mem://" protocol.
Off Topic / Re: Steam Deck
« Last post by Schranz0r on 2021-Oct-20 »
Holy moly, Dreamerman is back :D
Announcements / Re: New BETA
« Last post by Schranz0r on 2021-Oct-20 »
Haha Qedo :D

Is anyone active on the Steam-Groupchat?
My Steamname: sLiveR :)
Announcements / Re: New BETA
« Last post by Qedo on 2021-Oct-20 »
couple of months? maybe, a couple of days are enough for me and I'm all over again.
 :blink: =D  :good:
Code Snippets / Re: Load data from memory
« Last post by dreamerman on 2021-Oct-20 »
Interesting secret, if you have more of such, don't wait to share them :D
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