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Good, fast, stable support for JPEG files in LOADSPRITE etc.

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To quote the online manual:

--- Quote ---LOADSPRITE bmp$, num%

Loads the graphic file (bmp or png) into memory for using it with DRAWSPRITE commands later on. Every loaded sprite needs a unique ID number (num%) which allows you to access the sprite. If an ID is reused, the image in memory for that ID will be replaced by the new image.
--- End quote ---

Now I've read apparent comments that JPEG support had been added, but that it tended to cuase problems - I really want to be able to use JPEGs. Please?

Ian Price:
Don't we all (well some of us). :(

There are some advantages to JPG. For example, in casual Hidden Object games that have lots of full screen backgrounds, huge "sprites" etc. it's sensible to use JPG. In fact almost all casual frameworks support it.
Sometimes is acceptable to have slightly lossy images but with the benefit of much smaller game download. JPG at 95% quality is still way smaller than PNG, without apparent degradation in quality.

Also, textures for 3d models mostly don't have to be losless, due to the way they're displayed on screen.

Also, in my instance many 3D models in .OBJ format have .jpg textures. If I supply a program to someone I doubt they will want to convert all their textures to .png and fix the references to go to the .pngs before using whatever I could write to use them :(

I'm surpriseed no-one has written a user function to read JPEGS - is the file format not available, or really convoluted?

Can "we", as a user group, find the jpeg spec and write a reader (as I'm currently attempting with .OBJ files)? I don't know how into "group helping and sharing" we are here, yet. I'll learn!


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