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AGOSA - A GLBasic 3d Object Analiser - Update 2019.02.12

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This program allows you to analyze .ddd objects.

Everything seems to be working fine, let me know if theres any problems.

File is attached to this message:

Looks very nice - will download it later on!

Very Nice, but I have troubles whit the camera, and I think not it's for glbasic...

When I try rotate o make zoom some models can do it the translations... and don't have to much polys, I try to load another file and rotates fine... but only one time...

I think something extrange or it's I use windows under paralell desktops, but I make another thing, whit less screen size, but runs fine...

The application it's very nice, if need some objects for the examples folder tell me, I think I have old models I did some years ago...


Had no trouble getting it to rotate - it runs very well.


The viewer will act funny if your object has more faces than your video card can handle.
It might also happen if the object vertices are larger than the actual opengl 3d world.
Please, send me the objects that give you problems, so i can see what the problem was.

The objects dont translate...its the cam moving around the center of the world.
It is too many calculations, for the geometry to rotate too.

You can also send me objects for the samples, for the distribution package.
Ill use the ones that have; proper normals, and texture mapping, and not too large in bytes.


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