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Royalty Free Sprites and Bitmap Fonts

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Welcome Marc, its good to have you here!  :booze:


--- Quote from: Ian Price on 2011-Apr-26 ---
--- Quote ---I know I've seen the screenshots somewhere before
--- End quote ---
I thought I'd seen the  first screen before - was it a game made in BlitzMax, with little blue creatures with big eyes? Sort of like Lemmings? Can't remember its name though.

--- End quote ---

They were used for a commercial game that was written in BlitzMax called The Bloobles and released by BigFish

I got a courtesy copy lol =)

Ian Price:
Yep, that's the game I though it was. :)

Kitty Hello:
Wow. These are really awesome.
I think I might use them in a demo game for my SEUCK project. So cool.

Ah, these look familiar, the last time I saw these was in The Bloobles? :)

Great work, and very generous of you for releasing them! :)



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