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Please try it and let me know what you think :)

Tested on low-end tablet. Generally it's working smoothly, only pause button needs to tap longer than game itself.
Online highscores are working? As I played until level 6 and got >8000 points but I'm not on top list :p
Store indicates that app contains in-app advertising but didn't see any advert (whole time on wifi).
It would be best in some retro game pack or with additional maps, power-ups or something like that :-)

Thanks Dreamerman!

I did see advert when I tested, but it could be intermittant or could be not ad was available to collect and show ?

Yes, I could offer extras as an in-app purchase :)


Installing...will let you know my criticism later today/tomorrow.

Took a while.
Tried it with a few kids (~8 years old).

We all found the controls a bit hard to master.
They are not bad, but a bit strange straight away, it felt it takes a little over too much to master.

Personally, the way you implemented the auto fire is perfect! It is just that there is something weird about touch-dragging and the player being a bit above, like you are always touching nothing, hard to explain ... like those bright spots that pops up inside the eyes every now and then and you canĀ“t look straight at them :D .


edit: drunk fix


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