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iPhone 64bit Beta - xCode project (iOS9 Beta 1) [11-10-2015]

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When gernot update it....

Until then uses the beta project and update the platform files manually.

im have updated the xcode project, so its should been easier to get working.

You might need to compile twice to get icons created for some reasons.

Here is the steps required for the new xcode project in xCode:

1. Add all files from the XCode\Code to your xcode project (there is a empty Code folder when the project is open).

2. Add arm64 to Valid Architectures (im might forgot that, but its should compile and run pretty fine. Im have all my 4 games running in 64bit mode).

3. Set code signing in Code Signing Identity and Provisioning Profile.

You can eventuelly of course create better versiosn of the automatic created icons (which is not overwrote if they exists).

PS. There is a little bug im should look on. The temp folder might not clean correctly, which its should, because uts use cpp files manually. So if you have compile issues, you should clean the folder and try again. Its will been fixed in v3 in makeapp.exe.

Updated today to v3. Fem minor fixed tlist and should also works on ios5.1 again (could crash on some Commands). Im send a new Xcode project to gernot soon.

No new bugs was fixed, but more in some settings in xcode and plist etc.

updated to v4. some bug fixes and the source code project now finally works with correct DEFINES.

Im hope its ok to sticky this one, until Gernot update to the official buid. (other fell free to unstick it eventuelly).

Good stuff, I'm sure this will be gold dust when I'm back on iOS!  :good:


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