Textures with normal maps

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The pack contains 50 textures.
There will be two versions of the texture pack:

The free online pack: texture size 1024x1024, normal maps included, 80% quality of the original, JPEG :: this pack can be used for non-commercial usage of every kind. You can also use the included textures as placeholders for your commercial application and get the "donation-license" if your project is ready. Note: presentation or demoing of commercial software is commercial usage!

The "donation-license" pack: texture size 1024x1024, normal maps included, 100% quality, BMP :: this 300MB pack comes to you on CD for $15/12 euro (shipping included) and can be used for everything except resale, regardless if your game is the next Half-Life or just an shareware jump 'n run. If you are a software developer and would like to trade a license of your software for a "donation-license" of our texture pack, then we would be very interested (depending on your software, DeleD Pro would be a "yeah guys, that's a deal" for example).

http://www.risingrealms.com/tp1.zip (28 MB)