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Off Topic / Re: Covid
Thanks buddy, we're much better now. The only real lingering problem has been my hands, still a bit weak, opening the odd jar lid can defeat me now. But on the whole we're much better.

Good to have you back MrPlow!  :good:
I don't think it's possible, GLBasic would need a reflection system, which it does not have obviously.  :S

Off Topic / Re: Covid
Wow I dont even know what half those diseases are Erico but they all sound scarey!  :sick: :D
Off Topic / Re: Covid
Thanks guys, a lot better now, still some after effects but I'm working around them.  :booze:

Weirdly here in the U.K. we seem to be behaving like it's all blown over?!? It's no where near as bad as it was but (I have a friend who works in a hospital) it is still reading havoc with the elderly u fortunately. Maybe we this will end one day but it's becoming increasingly evident that it may be part of life as we move on.

Off Topic / Re: Covid
Thanks Dreamerman, trying to get back to normal. Had a look at my code from before Covid, lol, I need to spend some time documenting it, I'm totally confused where I was in it!  :D :blink:
Off Topic / Re: Covid
Thanks guys, I appreciate your kind comments.  :booze:
Off Topic / Re: Covid
Thanks Erico, strangest bug I've ever had. I mean, I'm over it, not infectious and yet it's still affecting me weeks later, weird!  :giveup:

Good to hear your brother didn't get hit too hard though.
Off Topic / Covid
Ive been missing the last few weeks... well after avoiding it for the last couple of years, we finally got it. My wife works in a nursery, so close contact with the kids is impossible to avoid. This is how we eventually contracted it. :help:

We self isolated, as per advice, we weren't too worried, we had our jabs and boosters,

She was ill for one night and felt tired, for a couple of weeks.

I caught it as soon as she was infection free. Bad luck, as I was looking after her in the bedroom. We tried self isolating within the household as we have two kids that live here too.

No worries, Leanne was not too bad I thought... Unfortunately it hit me much harder, I was actually surprised as I believed the government line that with your boosters etc. It should be like a bad cold. Yeah, some cold, for a full two weeks I lost most of the feeling in my hands, blinding headaches, pain all over, bad breathing, loss of smell. The wife phoned an ambulance at one point as I was getting worse by the minute, but as I live so remote, this would have been a air ambulance, so I refused to go. I really don't like helicopters. This was a few weeks ago, and I am much better now, still with weak hands though and still wheezy when I take a breath.

God this thing was sent by the devil.

Kids managed to avoid it though.

Any ways, I hope you guys are well and keep up with your boosters, thats probably what saved my bacon!  :D
Not so sure, NURBS are not great for low poly conversion? Interesting though.
Thank you Dreamerman, this will come in very handy the closer I get to a Steam release!  :good:
Very professional looking svenart, well done!
Very nice presentation!  :good:

I'm not sure I would use "Jewel' in the title though, it may be enough for an E.A. takedown.  ;)
And to you Youkaisan!   =D
Happy new year all!   :booze:
 Have a good one guys!  :booze:

Always remember to take the kids to see Santa!  :D