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I was wondering what is in store for the future of GLBasic Gernot, what is the feature roadmap that we can look forward to?

I personaly would like to see Shaders and possibly LOD controlable landcape rendering at some point?

What is your take on things, longterm Gernot?

Good example :)
Its the texture offset.

The two parameters are added to all UV co-ordinates for a model to make the texture 'scroll' by a certain amount, horizontally and vertically.

Think of it as quick way to rotate a skin around a model or scroll a repeated texture accross a polygonial plane.
Quote from: GernotFrischLast Message from Bubba :lol: :
ROFL, very funny! :nw: :nw: :nw: :lol::lol::lol:
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A nice addition,

thank you Gernot.

This looks really good guys, well done.

Iv a new puppy and my activesync cable has been chewed (Grrr!) but I ordered a new one yesterday, so I should have it by tomorrow. Ill run the benchtest then.

Now if Gernot could post this on the German forum, as well, we could possibly get a decent table of results together. Interesting! :)

Well done Mikie, its a great idea.

Off Topic / Website renewal
Of course! :)

Off Topic / Website renewal
I desingned a little logo for GLBasic when I had a spare 5 minutes.


No its not that important Gernot. I wrote a small Blitzbasic IDE a while back using Delphi, I thought it could be easy to modify it for GLB.
No problem Gernot, I understand :),

How is the compiler/debugger set for an external editor. Could I control the compiler/debugger from command line? Can I intercept errors/warrnings/messages?
Not an essential but my favourite feature of the Delphi IDE is Code Folding. This is the ablility to 'fold' a block of code into a code folded marker '...'

For example :-

Code (glbasic) Select
[-]FUNCTION PSprite: id, tile, width, height, x, y
LOCAL sx, sy, tx, ty, dx, dy
LOCAL p2x, p2y
LOCAL cols, c
    GETSPRITESIZE id, sx, sy
    cols = INTEGER(sx / width)
    tx = MOD(tile, cols) * width
    ty = INTEGER(tile/cols) * height

        POLYVECTOR x,      y       ,tx      ,ty       ,c
        POLYVECTOR x,      y+height,tx      ,ty+height,c
        POLYVECTOR x+width,y+height,tx+width,ty+height,c
        POLYVECTOR x+width,y       ,tx+width,ty       ,c

Code (glbasic) Select
[+]FUNCTION PSprite: id, tile, width, height, x, y ...Browsing and arranging your code is a much easier afair.

As I said, not essential but I would love to see it in the editor. :)
I agree, great Idea Mikie. I'll stick my Loox through your benchmark program.
Yes, I have the 'bright' effect too.

But my 'simple' experiments with GLBasics 3D are working out so far... great fun! :)
Thanks Gernot and Mikie.

Ive just purchased a Fujitsu Loox 610 on EBay for programming GLBasic (Thaks for the advice Gernot, Next, I need to save up for the full version of GLBasic though!), its pretty compatable. Im persoanly interested in getting 3D onto it.