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GLBasic - en / Requests
Heightmap would be a fine start for me. ;)

GLBasic - en / Requests
How about just the landscape part? :p hehe

Announcements / Update
Is this the same as enviroment mapping?

But nice additions Gernot,

Thank you,

GLBasic - en / Requests
GLBasic - en / Requests
GLBasic - en / Requests
Hi Gernot,

Some requests, not important but food for thought...

I would like to see an LOD Landscape object, hightfield based with collision and multiple texture support.

Access to the GLBasic rendering pipeline via a plug-in custom command API. Create your own commands, via a DLL or have the ability witihin GLBasic to compile command libs?

No small requests, I know.

Any comments?

Ah your own Gernot, very impressive. :)
What is the 3D driver for the PPC (OpenGL ES, Mesa3d for example)?
#2694 Blender for the pocket PC, its amazing what people can squeeze into there PPC!

Quote from: GernotFrischOh. polyvector might not work. Try DRAWLINE to see if it does. If it would, it is terribly slow!
Is there a table to what commands are comapatable with what platform?
Ah, I see, ah well never mind. I thought of a solution using semi-circles, lines with a normal vector used to rotated the semi circles at each end of the line... but your right, overkill...
Hmmm, not sure, I think so... wouldnt it be simpler to blit a little sphere at the begining and end of your polyline?

Just a small tech question, I noticed that the end of the vector lines are square, is there a way rounding them off?

Wow, this is cool, very retro... again, a nice example of the power of GLBasic!

Thanks for the reply Gernot, Im not desperate for any specific feature (I enquired more due to interest), which says something for the current feature set. ;)

A game eh, what type are you writing?