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Just tried.  It seems to ignore any sizes that aren't 320 x 480.  Nothing is rescaled, and the program just run normally (like if you had selected 320 x 480).
Cool, Cool, Cool :)
Yep, I'm here too from over there and have bought my lovely avatar with me as well.
Quote from: trucidare on 2009-Aug-09
Nice video Uncle.

Accelo is a joystick in glbasic. Tryout joystick commands and dont forget to normalize for smoothly function

you like iPhone?
try things and let us know if its working or not and what must be added to glbasic. (not GPS, its working but hidden yet)

The accelerometers are working well.  The only thing I haven't been able to do is figure out when the orientation of the iPhone has changed i.e. landscape to portrait etc.  Well I did work out a method but it was flaky at best.  I've searched the iPhone SDK and Im still not sure how they do it.  I think its part of the UIViewController class.  But it would be good to have a get function to return the current orientation, then we can decide on how to handle the event. 

You will need to edit the Bundle Identifier in the iPhone_Info.plist file in your xcode project.  The initial value will say something like ... com.yourcompany.  Just change this to match the id you set up when you created apple dev account.

EDIT : in the new V7 you don't need to do this.  All you need to do is enter this information in the Project options in GLB and it will then create a iPhone_Info.plist with the correct data :) 
Stoopid question alert! I've searched the forum but can't seem to find much info on UserLibs.  I was wondering what exactly are Userlibs, how can I create them, and how do I include them in my project?  Are these libraries written in GLB that I can include in my project e.g. if I wrote a sprite system UserLib I could just plug it into multiple projects?  Are these libraries completely separate from the source code they are plugged into i.e. I could have the same variable name in both the main source and userlibs, but they would be treated as two separate variables? 

Cheers for looking,


Quote from: MikeHart on 2009-Aug-08
And will GlBasic support the iphones accelerators too?

Yes it will support accelerators.  I think it treats them as joystick inputs.  If I get time I will try and make a demo of this as well.
Hello all,

I had a play around this afternoon and came up with this...

it's basically a demo showing the touch control of the iphone programmed in GLBasic.

I also made this quick video to show how to compile to the iphone...

hope it helps.



Is this the same as the Beta, or has there been some nice changes :)  Are we able to compile all the way thru to the Iphone with this version... fingers crossed.


Cheers MrTAToad,

I will just have to wait for the final version then ;)  Not a problem as I will continue to write my game anyway.  As for part 2, indeed Im going to install Parallel as soon as I can find my original XP disks.

Here's another stupid question... if my game was designed for Landscape mode do I need to do anything special for example the default screen size is 320 x 480, is it ok for me to change this to 480 x 320 to develop the game?

Quote from: javiero on 2009-Jul-22

When I make this ->" libtool -arch_only armv6 libPROGRAM.a -o libNEWPROGRAM.a "
i get this error ->  "libtool: no library created (no object files in input files)"

any idea ?

Hello (first post here after lots of lurking),

I finally got around to buying a copy of GLBasic, and so far so good :)  Should have bought it much sooner I think!  Anyway did anyone manage to get past this error, and if so any chance of letting a simpleton like me know how to?  When I look into the libPROGRAM.a file generated by GLBasic it doesn't seem to contain any objects?

Also is it possible to compile GLBasic completely on OSX instead of developing it in Windows and then porting it across?

Cheers for now,