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Quote from: Cliff3D on 2023-Aug-21BTW the forum suggests that the current steam version is 16.026, while I have IDE Version 16.793? Are GLB and GLB's IDE on different version numbers?

Fixed, thx for the hint.

For me it's fine
Quote from: SnooPI on 2023-May-02On Firefox the contrast is very bad and the fonts are too small  :(

I guess you are fiddling around with your colors in Windows? :D
Without TapaTalk should be fine. Never used it anyways.

Gernot: I uploaded the ProCurve Theme into the forum. Think it looks a bit cleaner with more contrast. you can check it out under "Administration Center► Themes and Layout"

Everyone can set the ProCurve-Theme in the Profile for himself.
Hi, aktuell gibt es da wohl Probleme mit Grandle usw. Hab mich eben mit SpaceFractal unterhalten.
Solange da Gernot keine Lösung hat, wird das wohl nichts...

Evtl. checkt mal diesen Post: (thx SpaceFractal for the link  ;) )

Wenn da nichts hilft, müsst ihr wohl warten, leider.
Hi, einen Timer, wenn der kleiner ist als 0, dann den nächsten Frame die Zahl updaten mit dem gewünschten Wert.
So simpel ist das :)
You can try fmod or soloud instead?
You have to code it by your own.
Off Topic / Re: Steam Deck
Holy moly, Dreamerman is back :D
Announcements / Re: New BETA
Haha Qedo :D

Is anyone active on the Steam-Groupchat?
My Steamname: sLiveR :)
Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2021-Sep-30
I ordered a Strato HiDrive account and will set up a Git repository. So we can use Git to act together. But, I failed to clone it. Maybe my work-configuration messes with the private account... I'll have to see.

Oh nice, hopefully you get it running.
Let us know :)
There is a way to link it static.
No clue how, maybe we can just use the source?
Sure, why not use it as default :)

SoLoud C-API:

QuoteUsing the "C" API
The glue file soloud_c.cpp can be found under the "src/c_api" directory.

You can either link to the generated DLL, which exposes the "C" API, or you can include SoLoud C++ sources (or static library) to your project along with the soloud_c.cpp file.

In your C sources, include soloud_c.h header file.
Ok, SoLoud is easy to wrapp into GLbasic.
You need the Headers (#include "soloud_c.h") + src-folder an the DLL.
Simple C syntax, i'm done with the start.   

Upload the project later today.
I'll try to implement "SoLoud" today.
Looks very easy to work with...
Kind of, yes.
Still hard to master this giant software.