Interesting free soft for animated meshes

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Hi leute, yesterday looking a forgotten post about 3D softs for GLbasic I find this:

Very simple soft for animte chracaters, the good point it's the M2d created for this program runs perfectly into GLbasic, obviously using the converter of Gernnot, but the good point it's no crash like happends with another tools...

About the powerfull really I show some examples and it's possible make animations, it's a bit poor beacuse don't have too much commands, but I think it's enough for the most of us, (I really I don't have idea to animate characters)... The good point it's very simple I think with practica anyone can make nice and cool animations...

Then you know if you want animated characters you have this soft, the best will be have the .ddd extensión in Blender, I think the best way it's make a Script
not a Plugin, each version in Blender changes and perhaps don't works in future version... (I hope Gernnot ear my pregaries  :D :D)

PS:You have attached the example comes with GLBasic, (Animation in the 3d SAmples Folders), with a Sample of Character Animator... a Ninja Charcater this time. (Please use this code beacuse the camera it's in another position than in the Original Code)


Looks nice and simple. will check it out when I´m back on headquarters. :good: