Interesting plugin free for Blender

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HI guys, if you make 3D whit GLBasic perhaps can interested this plugin... it's free (and commercial), but free I think can help us a lot (I try for make my Scenarios in my raccing car Game).

Basically it's for make cities whit only a few cliks... I show ths plugin, and another versy similars for cinema and Max, and really it's very powerfull tool for make far buildings or add details in 3D... in a near plane I don't know if this plugin makes very detailed buildings...


The suicidator city generator! Hehe, I have been using this for a long time. :good:

I think the free version only runs on an older Blender version, not sure if they updated.
I never used the payed version.

The free one can not make detailed buildings... but they come nicely UVmapped.

EDIT: ops it seems to work fine on the later blender versions, I just checked their BLOG, don´t forget to give a try on their online tree generator too  ;)


Yes Erico works fine I have installed and it's fun, in seconds you have a nice city, the trouble of free it's the textures only 512 pix... but 14€ it's very good price... in cinema 4D the price it's about 300€...