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Hi All,

I've finished my GLB version of Manic Miner, linked below.(I say finished, it's probably a raw beta in real terms!)

Hadn't really intended to write it in the first place, it just grew from an article on crumbling platforms in Wireframe magazine. I've never coded a platformer before and it looked interesting.

I've attached a zip with the playable .exe and all the media but also put a copy of the GBAS file in the media folder if anyone is interested in looking through the code, pulling it apart, reusing, updating, correcting, laughing at it, etc.  ;)  (note its not refactored, so isn't efficient or streamlined!!)

Works for me without noticeable bugs but its not been extensively play-tested. Hope it works for you.

There's a readme in the folder which give a bit more detail, if you're interested.




For a first try in platform games it's really very good.
I didn't know this game but your version seems very close to the original.
I liked the foot that crushes you when you lose  :)

Nice job Widget101  :good:


Quality retro remake, real attention to detail and it feels like the real deal... well done!  :good:


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a nice job and thanks for the source, you are great   :booze:
ad maiora


nice one.

Its a game im newer actuelly have played the original and has very annoying beeper music and all. Even its might have a history behind it.

Im have done various sound track based on this game, example Manic Miner: The Lost Levels for the Gameboy DS for about 13 years ago (where the original beeper was included for some of the levels, tune called "Smiths Ear Bleeder", hehe.

So its no wonder im have done various tune take with both SID as well AY.

Here is one of them (this one was AY one, single AY):

(ohh yes im DID also used the "annoying" beeper sound as the main instrument in that one, haha). Fell free to include this tune as well if you want the title sid tune im did for comply of years ago. There is comply of them on my home page.
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Thanks All for the comments,

QuoteIts a game im newer actuelly have played the original and has very annoying beeper music and all. Even its might have a history behind it.

Yes spacefractal, you're right! It's apparently the first time a Spectrum game used in-game music and wasn't thought possible until this. The processor has to constantly switch between the game updates and music updates to make it work - hence the stuttering and bitty tune. I like your AY version! I love it on Jet Set Willy as well, where it plays 'If I was A Rich Man".  :)


Im is not sure about the idea between tune and cpu was the case of the stutter really, have newer understand its the reason for the stutter? there is both tune and sfx played same time, which is also the reason for the stutter as well.

howover im can see in the remixes im have done (like the above one), the "beeper" note was trigged each 4 frames in a speed of about 50 frames of second. with that in mind, two notes per 4 times (one  for tune, game logic, other for sfx, game logic), then the framerate would been 25fps for game logic (and graphics update). this if the cpu would have wait for the notes to been played finished. But its a slow paced game anyway.

So its actuelly possible wiki has right, but im do have seen much faster games since that with better rutines, but its qutie a very early game to been remembed.

On the Commodore 64, tunes is just tied to the screen rate and often/allways in the interups, so its dont got interupted from the game logic. Some tunes might uses cia timing throught (not tied to screen rate, but cpu based)
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Feels pretty close to the real deal, nice!


Nice retro project, looking at this I really feel old vibes but don't get me wrong I'm glad that those times are gone :D consoles were better with hardware sprites, palette switching and so on, best 2D for computers were later during Amiga 500+ and competing Atari times. But from technical aspect looks that it's faithful to the original.
I hope that there is no copyright restrictions on such old thing, as you could put it on even as free project to get more feedback. If you are working on something else don't hesitate to share on forum ;]
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I'm late to the party.. this is an excellent implementation of the game. Plays at a perfect speed and timing. Great work!  =D


Wow - super job!

Really nice!
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