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Translating from Cinema 4d to Glbasic

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Hi there it's a simple translation, but just I find the mode to put data from Cinema 4d to Glbasic, really not it's too much complex and I find the mode to recreate from the cinema 4d viewport to GLbasic...

Now I only have to look in Python SDK of C4d and try to make a list of the array or vertex of the meshes and put in ordner into GLBasic...

In this image  I trasnlate a simple decaedron, only just fail the last face... I suppose I have to close manually or simple I forgot some array...

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Is that a python script?

No erico, I only get the data, GLbasic can export a simple txt file ... But the good thing it's undertand how do it?¿, because the faces have a number that's indicates the ordner how draw the polys...

Now I have to learn how get the vertex data from a mesh, put into an array and make a file from C4d , I read a about save data into a file and you can storage data... I think it's only question of time I can make this... I'm not sure if I will do succesfully, but I try...

Kitty Hello:
search for the "dda" file format on the forums. It's an ascii file that GLBasic can easily read.

Yes Gennot I try to look, but for now I have to know how get the vertex data and export from cinema... I think not it's too much complex , but for know I write commands and don't runs...  :-[ :-[

This it's a thing I want do, it's a goal for me!!! I take in advice about this...


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