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Code (glbasic) Select
DIM mat[16]
mat[0..3] = forward (local x-axis) (x,y,z,0)
mat[4..7] = local up (x,y,z,0)
mat[8..11]=local right (x,y,z,0)
mat[12..16]=translation (offset) from origin (x,y,z,1)

If you want to use X_ROTATION and stuff, too - use the X_PUSHMATRIX before X_MULTMATRIX.

*quoted from gernot*

QuoteNote from Hemlos:
Im currently working with this new command and will update this in more detail as i get more information.
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O

Kitty Hello

Create rotation/translation matrix:
Code (glbasic) Select
// Roll, Pitch, Yaw, Translate
FUNCTION BuildMatrix: ry, rz, rx, x, y, z, M[]
LOCAL sa,sb,sc, ca,cb,cc
LOCAL sacb, cacb
DIM M[16]

//LOCAL a[], B[], C[]
// NewtonRollMatrix (rx, a[])
// NewtonPitchMatrix(ry, B[])
// NewtonMultMatrix(a[], B[], C[])
// NewtonYawMatrix  (rz, a[])
// NewtonMultMatrix(a[], C[], M[])
// M[12]= x
// M[13]= y
// M[14]= z

    ca       = COS(-ry);
    sa       = SIN(-ry);
    sb       = COS(rz);
    cb       = SIN(rz);
    cc       = COS(-rx);
    sc       = SIN(-rx);


    M[0]  =   sb * cc;
    M[1]  =  -sb * sc;
    M[2]  =  -cb;

    M[4]  = -sacb * cc + ca * sc;
    M[5]  =  sacb * sc + ca * cc;
    M[6]  =  -sa * sb;

    M[8]  =  cacb * cc + sa * sc;
    M[9]  = -cacb * sc + sa * cc;
    M[10] =   ca * sb;

M[12]= x
M[13]= y
M[14]= z
    M[15]= 1;


interesting, and doesnt gimbal lock..but it rotates like x_rotation still, minus the gimbal..

This method works with 2 axes that are fixed to the world and one to the object.
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O