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MouseAxis is still problematic

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Hey all. MouseAxis(2) for the *scrollwheel* seems to read properly if SYSTEMPOINTER is FALSE, and not at all if SYSTEMPOINTER is TRUE.
I did a quick search through here and some people are saying it updates tons of times between SHOWSCREEN calls. If this is the case, how the heck do we fire an event on mouse-scroll if this is so hard to catch? Please help. No issues at all if the mouse is locked to the screen with SYSTEMPOINTER FALSE - but I don't want that.


** EDIT:

I found something weird out! Changing the app to "Run In Compatibility Mode" for "Windows XP SP3" actually fixes this issue... Gernot?  :giveup:

on my pc with Win10 GLB16 it is exactly the opposite.
SYSTEMPOINTER FALSE,  MouseAxis (2) don't work

Anyone - Gernot? Seems like this is basically broken.

Kitty Hello:
Fixed in next update.


--- Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2021-Jan-29 ---Fixed in next update.

--- End quote ---

I don't have the Steam version, though. Will this update be for us who paid for the original like myself? I can't afford the Steam release.
And will the update be a long time from now?

Just curious.


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