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Tutorials / Re: Chat.GPT
quite interesting. I asked to it to create a pong game for GLBasic and it seems, it is able to learn. But sometimes it's hard to explain exactly what I mean  =D

see chat her:
bei mir gehts noch. Arbeite aber mit der Steam Version 16.793
I tried to purchase yesterday evening, sold with Paypal, everything looks good, but nothing happened. No Steam Download, no Paypal transaction was done ...
did anyone already successfully get GLB V16 on Steam?
thanks  :booze:

he's right, the IDE might look old fashioned, but it's easy to use and so it shall be.
nice :)
anyone able to translate it?
ok thanks for the info spacefractal.

I'm not that familiar with steam keys. For my understanding every developer can request them at Steam for free for his own developments, isn't it?
I bought GLBasic with version 4 or 5 and until then all updates were for free. So I have no problem so sell 20 Euro or even more for the V16 Update.

But for me it's still not clear, which differences are between V15 and earlier and the Steam version 16. I guess there is none but the fact, that GLBasic is now delivered via Steam?
perhaps a silly question, but what exactly is the advantage of the Steam version?
Or is it just because this is the way GLBasic is developed further?
glad we could help :) It's an often made mistake, even after years of programming, so don't worry much about it.

by the way ... welcome to the forum

regarding the font I have the same problem as described by dreamerman. Every menu entries/input fields and so on are black colored unless hover over it with mouse pointer (see attachment)
I'm able to compile your application, anyhow I don't know how to create the data needed for tests.

One thing I'm worrying about:

your command
Code (glbasic) Select
ins = INSTR(param$,self.contents[i][c].sval$)

Are you sure, you're using the parameters for INSTR function correctly in this case? I guess that "param$" is the string you're searching for and "self.contents[]" is the data in which you want to find "param$".

If this is the case, you're command should look like:
Code (glbasic) Select
ins = INSTR(self.contents[i][c].sval$,param$)

The first parameter of INSTR is the string you want to investigate, the second parameter is the string you're looking for.
Perhaps you can try it this way.

by the way ... amazing application, what is it intended to do?
I guess everything is included in the project folder of your app. Just zip it and try to upload it here in the forum.

Did you already try the debug option? Good way to check the values of the variables within the faulty working function. You'll have to activate the debug mode in the "Compiler" menu though.
hmmm, guess it will be hard to find without a working example.
I tested INSTR function with some examples and everything looks good.

Did you already try a DEBUG output within this function?

Code (glbasic) Select

FUNCTION search_table_partial:start,c,param$
LOCAL row = -1,length = BOUNDS(self.contents[],0) - 1,ins = -1
IF start < length
FOR i = start TO length
DEBUG "search: " + param$ + " - search for: " + self.contents[i][c].sval$ + "\n"
ins = INSTR(param$,self.contents[i][c].sval$)
IF ins > -1
row = i
I also need to wait until evening for testing. Would be good if you can provide a small example, under which circumstances INSTR is not working correctly.
what's the problem with INSTR function?
soon enough :)
wish you a merry Chistmas too.