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Quote from: Qedo on 2023-Aug-22I found it

Where did you find it, please?

Ah - attached o your post!


1) I can select Win64 as the target, but I cannot set the "build for this platform" tick - it is greyed out/disabled.

I can ONLY set 64 Bit compilation by pressing the "Multiplatform compilation" button.

Even so I can only build the 64 bit copy using "Multiplatform compilation"

2) When I compile to Win64 the build is compiled to "distribute\Win32\AppName" = should it compile to "distribute\Win64\AppName" ?

3) My nice new 64 Bit compile actually obeys the screen resolution set in Project...Options, whereas 32 Bit compile seems to decide on the resolution by itself?
Quote from: Cliff3D on 2023-Aug-25I've tried selecting "Win64" as platform Configuration but "build for this program" is greyed out. If i build the .exe I get is 32 bit.

Am I missing a step (I'm running on Win11 Home 64 bit) or should I post this as a bug?

Ah! I think I've found it...

One has to use "Multiplatform compilation" from the toolbar and select 64 Bit there. The new 64 Bit build will then be compiled inside a folder called "AppName\distribute\Win32\AppName". it ignores the window resolution set in Project...options.

I've tried selecting "Win64" as platform Configuration but "build for this program" is greyed out. If i build the .exe I get is 32 bit.

Am I missing a step (I'm running on Win11 Home 64 bit) or should I post this as a bug?
Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2023-Aug-23Oh. I'll take a look at this one. Sorry.

Nah, I'm sorry. Whenever I get back to GLBasic I seem to find "issues". But this is not unique to GLBasic - I just find problems everywhere I go!

I'm currently extremely anemic after a 7 unit blood transfusion earlier in the year - and i'm using the lack of iron in my blood as an excuse for wooly thinking :)


Quote from: Qedo on 2023-Aug-22I think it's just a problem in debugging mode.
if you add a line like:
debug LEN(strFileEntry$)+"\n" you will see the result is 0

Wow - many thanks for this. I believe in my project I have started passing the length of the string as an extra variable, so I can check that for 0 instead of checking the string for "".

Sorry for the delay in responding - I didn't get an email notification... but MANY thanks for your reply.


Hi - I'm having trouble passing strings which may be empty (or may not be!) to my own function. I'm currently trying to walk up and down a file structure, but a simpler example might be:

Code (glbasic) Select
// --------------------------------- //
// Project: PassValuesToFunction
// Start: Monday, August 21, 2023
// IDE Version: 16.793

// SETCURRENTDIR("Media") // go to media files

LOCAL workpath$, str_Temp$ = ""
workpath$ = "C://"
SearchFolder(workpath$, str_Temp$, str_Temp$, 0)

// ------------------------------------------------------------- //
// ---  SEARCHFOLDER  ---
// ------------------------------------------------------------- //
FUNCTION SearchFolder: strPath$, strParentFolder$, strFileEntry$, numDepth%
// These values are defined LOCAL:
// strPath$,  strParentFolder$,  strFileEntry$,  numDepth%
DEBUG strFileEntry$

When I run that code I never get an empty string in strParentFolder$ or strFileEntry$ = I get what look like random characters (see the attached screen capture)?

Help, anyone?

BTW the forum suggests that the current steam version is 16.026, while I have IDE Version 16.793? Are GLB and GLB's IDE on different version numbers?


Quote from: spacefractal on 2018-Aug-273D mightbeen dichted in first version eventuelly.

I am very bad with languages, and accents. Could someone please translate that to show full support for 3D!


Quote from: dreamerman on 2018-Aug-27
Whatever will happen just leave both current native compiling for Android and iOS/MacOS so we could still publish games on alternative markets - Amazon, BeMobi or even just as freeware on website...

Absolutely the ability to compile for and run on Android is more important to me than the ability to support any one specific store - even Google's own one. For now at least users can always sideload.


That is... incredibly sad. I have always loved the BASIC language, and probably always will. Compiled BASIC over interpreted Python or Java any day!

On a slightly different tack, has anyone considered asking if Microsoft would like to give Gernot a huge pension to buy GLBasic and include it in future versions of Windows? I know that I for one would love GLB to get some serious backing.


Was MOVEFILE ever implemented?


Thanks - there is some array usage, I'm going to have to do some actual work (argh!) to track down where it's actually slowing down.


Hi. Now that I've managed to get version 14.497 working it compiles my code without error, and my code runs.

WOW - it's shockingly slow now though! Crazily. I will have to search the forum and see if there's a thread on speed when I've got a bit more time.


Confirmed: Downloading new 32 bit runtimes from:

has made GLBasic 14.497 work.

Curiously though, before downloading the web update procedure says it will be 14.4001 not 14.497?


Quote from: spacefractal on 2017-Mar-16
Personally im do newer liked nortan, but its a personal choice of course :-).

This is one of the things that makes humans so wonderful - there is room for a myriad variety - none necessarily more "right" or "wrong" than others, just different. Splendid! :D