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I Thank you moru....i will try the file as soon as possible and test it...thanks a lot...

best regards,

Lestroso =D

Is There or it will be A Support for serial rs232 or usb  with glbasic???in all platform??

Best regards,


Problems with Any Program examples to run after deploy in Macosx Universal..

I have tryed some example.. but in my old apple g4 2,2ghz 1,5 gbram macosx10.4.11 don't work.....when i  open the app example .... give me an error after start...and then the app quit...

I know i have an old computer...i have also an intel i5 and works a little fine...but sometimes the ide quit...

can somebody help me please???

Best regards

Lestroso :'(

I'm sorry to everybody...i have turned off the panda antivirus...installed the glbasic and put the installer in the tray.... and turned on the panda...

Now i'm be able to work with Glbasic!!!

Thanks A lot to everybody!!!

Best regards,

Lestroso :-[ :-[

 :help: :help: :help:

The glBasic Sdk Have a virus on the Installer!!! Can you fix it??? My Panda Antivirus see like a virus and adware your installer and delete it from my computer....Can you help me please???

I would try and then buy your very beauty system....

Best regards,


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