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GLBasic - en / Re: Past versions GLB
« on: 2015-Jan-14 »
Which version is best for HTML if any?

run away is great ! people tower ok but wth is serve suhi ? :D

Unfortunately only Run Away was really finished to any degree.
People Tower and Serve Sushi don't really show what they're supposed to be.

Here's the original idea for Serve Sushi, which use to be called Sue, She Sells Sushi.
Which was the 3rd game in my try and make a game a week series.

Made a few fixes and updates, including tightening up the controls.

Here's my entry for King Game Jam built in GLBasic,
Overly ambitious as I wanted to make a bunch of minigames, I had 8 planned.
Hey why make 1 game in 48 hours when you can try and fail at making 8 ;)

I've reverted back to 10.XX for some projects due to issues, especially on Pandora and Android.

Cheers Ian,
any idea where I can get hold of a version 10 of GLBasic?
Also, I guess this thread can be deleted as it's covered here

But I can't seem to find a delete button.

GLBasic - en / Re: Past versions GLB
« on: 2015-Jan-14 »
Whoops, this is pretty much what I was asking in another thread,
sorry for not double checking.

I'll ask here then delete my other thread.

Do people know the last good versions of GLBasic for each of the various platforms.
Windows, Mac, iOS, Android?
And where I can get hold of them?

Also am I right in thinking HTML5 is broken now? (I've never really tried it) What version, if any, was it working in.

Many thanks.

Just scaling th graphics directly on backbuffer and you in the end get a much more speed than virtual screen.

The only real issue I'm have is missing vsync, which can property hopefully easy to fix that one.

Scaling directly to the backbuffer for each graphic command is fine for most things.
Except when using text with kerning, I've not worked out a way to do that.

GLBasic - en / Re: Compiling for Android ...
« on: 2015-Jan-14 »
I found it has to be the 32bit version of JDK not the 64bit one.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android playmusic/playsound
« on: 2015-Jan-14 »
Marmor, as spacefractal says.
I found this out over the weekend during a Game Jam,
use have to use the complete path for the file and convert the audio to OGG file format.

for example - PLAYMUSIC "Media/runaway/runaway.ogg",TRUE

Can anyone tell me the best version of GLBasic for compiling to the various platforms?
The one that has the least bugs and the most stable.
Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS.

I'm currently using v12.308 it has some serious project breaking issues, with Mac OS, Android and iOS.
Ran in to a bunch of Android issues that lost me about 3 hours during a 48 hour Game Jam, which is far too much time :(
Also as far as I can tell HTML5 is broken, does anyone know when it was last working?

Many thanks in advance.

A different approach is gong to be required then for making full screen cross platform OS X and WIN games.
Unfortunately a 24/48/72hour Game Jam is not the place to be coming up with them.
When things quieten down next week, I'll start thinking of new solutions.

Anyone manage to complete the 40 levels yet?

its a known issue with virtual screen on mac. Im havent setup and relocated the compiler for mac yet. But not sure im can fix that one and its might up to Gernot.

The same issue seens to been on PANDORA as well.

Thanks for letting me know spacefractal,
I'll have to think of a different way of doing things then and till Gernot can sort this out.

So apparently on some people's computers, when trying to open game fullscreen at 640x400,
none of the images/backgrounds/textured get displayed.
Everything is black, but you can hear the music and sound, so the you know the file paths are correct,
you can play the game and you see lighting effects. Just no images.

I rebuilt the game to work in a 90% window of the desktop resolution,
Creating a virtual screen of the original 640x400 then stretching it to the the dimensions.

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
GLOBAL DesktopW,DesktopH
IF DesktopW<DesktopH THEN DesktopH=DesktopW/1.6
IF DesktopW/DesktopH>1.6 THEN DesktopW=DesktopH*1.6
IF DesktopW/DesktopH<1.6 THEN DesktopH=DesktopW/1.6

CREATESCREEN 1,255,640,400

then at the end of the screen drawing routines

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
STRETCHSPRITE 255,0,0,DesktopW,DesktopH

But this breaks the OS X version for some reason.
The fonts get all messed up with the images and it displays the wrong image.
So I had to then separate the code, so the Win32 version runs in a 90% Window, while the OS X version runs fullscreen at 640x400.

Download it and give it a try, if you haven't already.
Your comments and feedback are all useful. Good and Bad.


When using CREATESCREEN with USESCREEN along with LOADFONT "" and SETFONT commands,
it all looks great on a Windows PC, I can use a virtual screen and load in a font no problems.
But when running it on Mac OSX, the images use seem to clash, the loaded font image gets set to the background,
or if used in the opposite order, loading font first, then creating screen, the created screen becomes the used font file.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks guys.
GLBasic makes it really easy to put together small fun games very quickly.
Difficulty ramps up pretty much after level 20,
but all levels are possible, without dying.
There's even a different ending if you can complete all 40 levels without dying.

I'll check out your entry Wampus as soon as I sneak away from work.

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