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For a friends birthday we made a Streets of Rage style game, with him in it.
It was a lot of fun to do, and probably the most complete thing I've actually made in GLBasic.
Check it out, and as always, all comments greatly appreciated.

thank you :D

my brother has just got hold of a Raspberry PI and is running Raspbian on it,
does anyone know how to get my games to run on it?
Do I compile for Raspberry PI or Linux?
Also any idea how I would make it automatically boot up into my game.
So we can install it into an arcade cab of sorts.

many thanks, Quang

GLBasic - en / Simulate CRT
« on: 2015-Aug-27 »
Hello everyone,
does anyone have any idea how I would simulate a CRT effect with GLBasic?
As covered in this article
I make a lot of stuff in a low res, like 320x200 and 256x244 and it would be nice to give the player the option to have a CRT effect in place.
I've read elsewhere in the forum that GLBasic supports shaders, but I don't know where to even start with shaders.
Any help would be great, thanks.

Here's our game RegulatED, an Action Puzzle game written in good ol' GLBasic.
We were up first in the presentation. Managed to win 3rd place.

Download and play the game at

All comments, positive and negative are welcome, thank you.

Here's my entry for King Game Jam built in GLBasic,
Overly ambitious as I wanted to make a bunch of minigames, I had 8 planned.
Hey why make 1 game in 48 hours when you can try and fail at making 8 ;)

Can anyone tell me the best version of GLBasic for compiling to the various platforms?
The one that has the least bugs and the most stable.
Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS.

I'm currently using v12.308 it has some serious project breaking issues, with Mac OS, Android and iOS.
Ran in to a bunch of Android issues that lost me about 3 hours during a 48 hour Game Jam, which is far too much time :(
Also as far as I can tell HTML5 is broken, does anyone know when it was last working?

Many thanks in advance.

When using CREATESCREEN with USESCREEN along with LOADFONT "" and SETFONT commands,
it all looks great on a Windows PC, I can use a virtual screen and load in a font no problems.
But when running it on Mac OSX, the images use seem to clash, the loaded font image gets set to the background,
or if used in the opposite order, loading font first, then creating screen, the created screen becomes the used font file.

Anyone have any ideas?

So this is what I came up with in 24 hours at the Game Hack held at Pinewood Studios.
The topic for the main prize was Childhood, hence the toys,
and there was another category for the best endless runner.
hence the mini game built into the intro screen.

In an effort to bring the GLBasic community closer together.
I ask the question, where are you from and what's your story?


would be great to see as many of you there as possible,
i'll be there, to write a game for Asobitech 1UP game series using GLBasic.

Off Topic / What do you like about games?
« on: 2012-Feb-24 »
Think of a game that you like,
then tell me 3 things that you like about it,
and then 3 things the you do not like about it.

Wondering if it would be possible to add the ability to comment to Showroom entries.
Would be a good way for people to discuss the individual downloads themselves.

I've been having a problem, getting motivated, staying focused and actually finishing my projects.
So for the year of 2012 I'm planning to pull my finger out and release a new game every 7 days.
I made a small video explaining what I plan to do.

I really don't think this would be possible without the power of GLBasic and this forum.
Thank you everyone.

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