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Wow! Looks fab!!!

Love the amiga colours and styling...Game is similar to a Nintendo Watch the rain and the nice animations!
Super job - I think offering 2 types of controls would help it and prevents nit-pickers from giving a bad review for controls ... look forward to its release!
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Quote from: spacefractal on 2014-Jun-02
PS. Im do really want to play this on my iPhone 4s (which is my main device). Here you could hardcode without a hitch (480x320, 960x640, 1136x640 are phones, 1024x768 and 2048x1536 is iPads).

IOS I will definitely need help when it comes to it. One thing though, I probably won´t support 480x320, neither Android nor IOS. Would it be a problem on IOS? That is the oldest device right? Does it generates sales? I see no problem skipping that on android but I´m not sure how the iphone part goes about. The game does not fit that resolution in a nice way, it is the only troublesome resolution I found through all of them.

Quote from: MrPlow on 2014-Jun-02
...Game is similar to a Nintendo Watch the rain and the nice animations!
Super job - I think offering 2 types of controls would help it and prevents nit-pickers from giving a bad review for controls ... look forward to its release!

Hehe, got that ´game watch´ comment from a few friends too. :)
I went back to the other control schemes I did yesterday, but they really don´t work.
The game is really hard and requires very precise fast controls, the other schemes are going to render the game from hard to impossible.
In that case, I will get people complaining of an impossible boring game for sure.

The real good way to go is a joystick(it currently reads analog joy too), a joypad or keyboard. The later is pretty good as you can also play single handed.
On the touch control, even on the current model, I cannot match the score I get on joy/pad/key.


Its just because your games virtual screen is lower than 480x320... It's only that.

Greedy mouse supports it's, but not sure about karma Miwa. I'm do thinks 3GS is today olders supported device for Xcode today.
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I love the pixelated graphics!
When are you going to have a beta test version to try out? I'd like to see how the controls work and see if I have any suggestions.
I'm not even sure how this game plays, you move back and forth (and jump?) and catch apples (or something) in a basket?

For non-PC testing, are you using iOS / Android beta testing tools like TestFlight?:
I've never tried it, but looks pretty cool, and easy way to push your builds to your testers.
May not be GLBasic compatible, never looked into it.

Looking great.
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I´m not using any beta test tool, doesn´t seem needed.

Yep, in an easy explanation, collect the greener avocados to score points till 100 falls down, beat the bosses.
Score highest as possible, if things are too difficult, collect the power ups.
There is a more in depth explanation of things a few posts before though some stuff have already changed in the name of balance.


today played this game again.

Im scored 46 points this time (and got the run power up) and got died, soon im got to the first boss (im had one half heart left).

One time im got hit 3 times in the row without possible to escape. Here its could been a little very short time after a hit. This is only what im thinks. Im thinks the balance is quite good.

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hehe yep you have to care where you stay because most enemy hits may combo.
Try getting the golden avocados as they replenish energy and the gold power makes a lot af gold avocados fall into the game too.

Nice you are enjoying it, I should finish moving by this weekend finally and I foresee next week I´m back in action :)


im just got unlucky when that barsted boss hitted me on the direct hit with so low energy. That is what its happens.

The only real issue is the jump button is placed too high, which is direct reason to uses the auto scaling system with a user configuable placement. That would fix it 100%. But its a low priotity issue, which can wait to v1.1.
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Quick note...happy birthday for a project with a light at the end of the tunnel! :booze:

I have been giving thoughts about what you said Space, about the height level of controls, I must find an in-the-middle solution.
Worst against the control style is that anyone from 8 to 19 years old try to control it by draging, hahaha... people these days :P

Anyways, I´m to find a nice spot between tablets/big/small phones, wont be long into this. No user control I´m afraid, but I have to display a control tutorial SNK way.

Other news is that I´m into figuring the musics now...plenty of them.
Also, that the place I´m living has monkeys (chimps) playing just outside the window  :o, and that I´m close to the best wild pau brasil tree I have ever seen within civility.
Would it all come to inspiration? I´m adding a pic here...not of the monkeys yet as they are too snicky to catch. ;)

All around...development resumes, hope to have all music done in a while...heck I decided it to be dynamic. :noggin:


Today I have got some superb-amazing-wonderful-out-of-this-world news! :o  :o

What?! The game is done?? Nooo, not quite yet, almost,  but hear this:
It seems I may have a musician on board of this project, what is better, it is a chap I´m super fan of his works, really top stuff here! :nw:

Heck, it feels like asking Arnold Schwarzenegger to play a part on your local play and suddenly he accepts...I´m really baffled here... I just could not be happier. :)
I will see to introduce him later, thing is just too new yet, but I really could not hold out to share my happiness with such!

On the other uploading now a full game run on good quality, while it is a spoiler, it shows everything the game has already.
I believe I can get to the story intro and outros now...amazing! :booze: :-*  :)


Ok, here a video of the full run, scoring a woop 123 points! Quite a high score, but bear in mind I´ve played this about a zillion times... ;)
Anyways, here you can experiment a full run on the game with all of its elements in action.

It took me a while to beat the monkey...proper conditions were not favourable and I took no powerup.
So even on the 8 minutes mark, the game is to be a 5-10 minutes experience at most.

Let me know what you think.


Looking very much complete now. Once the music is there too it'll be great!

Don't know if you've already considered this further down the thread but it looks like it would work great as a HTML5 game, when the time comes.


Yep, I´m considering html5 too.

The game is all coded with legacy commands from GLBasic, kind of kept it that way to have a good performance on a Caanoo.
I believe it has good chance to work flawlessly on html that way, last time I tried there was a memory error from the browser though.

Still, mac/pc/linux/android/gph/pandora are primary release plats, then ios/rpi? and everything else GLB allows me to boot. :good:
I still have to sort the order of release, but will do later, better finish the intro/outro part.

PS: Here I´d also like to do a few GLBasic mocking old system´s boot animation screens on the credits part...will be fun!


im uses heavy uses of POLYVECTOR, which html5 seen not like in my games, so im do not have a changes in my games.

A idea that just came out of my head, is what about a "boss rush" mode?

The game seen complete, which was that im also felled to when im played your game, just with missing eventuelly short story. The game was great, even without music. But im would like to hear when he is completed the music (dont forget to credit him).

Alternative you could create a shorter game in easymode, which simply give the bosses fewer hits required as well a bit fewer apes (But then eventuelly just reuses the patterns). That would also howover give a shorter game. But you should not remove the harder mode of course.

Im do hope you use the function im created for you, so its easier for user for reconfig placements of the control (which is impossible with hardwired resolutions). That is just for v1.1. Its not that important.
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I kept the function you did and am sure going to try implementing that at a later stage. :good:

I just recieved a first sketch of a main song to check style, mood and melody and ooohhh my God... I just so wish I could play 1/100000th of that! :o
It is trully amazing work, I hope I can share some of it here as I finish the intro, title and how-to-play for now.

Best I present the musician now...

He is Tyran and he goes by the name DARKMAN007.
His works can be experimented here:

I HIGHLY recommend that you guys check the CHIPTUNE part, all wonderful stuff!

I also recommend that you check the music he did for a ZX spectrum compo over a Castlevania port:

Ain´t that just amazing?

Well, development proceeds... :)

EDIT: aaaand why not share another of his works? Real cool stuff.