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Cheers Ian will check out...

Dont forget to try my Viking Invaders for Android - you have no excuse now! :-)
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Ian Price

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just completed my first puzzle!

Its a lot of fun, the only thing I would consider adding is some auto scrolling when you are near the boarder of the puzzle field with the mouse coursor ( but scolling while using the mini map is also okay )


I was doing my second puzzle right now. It seems I just can´t solve it,
there where also 3 fields of 1s which where not marked from the beginning ( in the down left area of the puzzle )

Here is how the whole thing looks ( also searched everywhere for unconnected numbers and redid some connections on the boarders that could have been connected in different ways ).

Puzzle 3 was working fine however, seems I made some mistake in puzzle 2 I just can´t find :-[

Edit: Just read about the cheat key in the readme, wish I had read that sooner...

Ian Price

It can be tricky to spot some of the numbers and it's very easy to miss others altogether.

Glad you at least enjoyed the first puzzle :)

The Cheat key definitely helped me out when testing!
I came. I saw. I played.


This is great! For a bit I couldn't solve much then realised the screen can be scrolled when I noticed the puzzle overview in the top left.

EDIT: Is the way the picture is made into a puzzle worked out with an algorithm? Or do you have to solve it in reverse?

Ian Price

Cheers :)

I have a puzzle editor incorporated into the main program, which allows me to import images that I created in MSPaint (with standard colours which have to be edited as I have to have a limited, fixed palette), create and edit images and draw the puzzle pieces manually. A puzzle viewed in the editor is just blocks of colours, numbers and tracklines.

Each puzzle, although only about 50x50 pixels takes hours to create and test. The main game engine took multiple re-writes too (at least half a dozen) to get to where it is now. For what appears to be a very simple game it took an awful lot of work. None of my other (more complex) games have needed half as much work to get it to do what I wanted. It's still not complete, but the additions are minor in comparison and then sort out tablet control.
I came. I saw. I played.