UBER BASH BROS DEMO (Updated: Version 0.77a with CPUs and bug fixes)

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Quote from: nabz32 on 2014-Nov-24
downloaded it.

Good that there is now support for joysticks with d-pad only,
so I was able to connect my Amiga USB joystick for testing purposes.
I had some problems with the cursor snapping back to previous position with the Amiga controller ( DPad only ).
The other controller I used was a 360 controller.

Good work on the "rains" ( I saw Wily , toadstool and weed rain ).
I tried metroid first and have one question is it possible to escape the metroids grasp while he is leeching?
The idea of some Attacks of certain characters taking away some of your HP is nice.
I see if I can test it against a real opponent soon ( maybe at the comming weekend ).
There are still many characters for me to try out.

Good work so far :good:

Yay! A tester! Thanks for trying it. The cursor snapping is because you can use the mouse to control P1's cursor, for testing purposes. I have removed this functionality from the next update because of that annoying issue where barely tapping the mouse will mess with controller input when moving the cursor. My next update is huge: it allows for multiple *different* controllers to be mapped, and in any order. In the new update, it doesn't matter if you have one or 500 controllers connected, you can determine which one(s) to use at startup. To answer your Metroid question: He's not finished. His basic ability is the drain, which WILL be escapable soon. (Basically each "wiggle" of the victim will drain Metroid's blue special bar faster, releasing him.) Some characters have moves that only work under certain conditions, which there's no manual for, so you'd have to know either by looking at the source code or experimenting. For instance, for both Ghost and Gentleman (from dr. jekyl/hyde) have ULTRA SPECIALS. They require you to be at 2 lives or less, and 50% health or less. The button is usually triangle. Ghost uses HYDRO STORM (Nukes everyone, murders himself, ruins his special bar, and makes him incapable of gaining more special bar for upwards of 10 minutes!) - Gentleman has his special "I WON'T GO DOWN SO EASY!" cutscene move that summons millions of explosions and bees to decimate the screen.




This is great! I love that the characters have such a variety of attacks and qualities. Haven't had a chance to play it as it was intended, i.e. multiplayer but will soon.


Gave it a go, pretty neat. I need to find people to play properly.

Ian Price

Same as erico. I had a bit of fun jumping around, but needs either other players or bots to bash.

Any chance of adding in some simple AI chars?
I came. I saw. I played.


It's possible. I can pretty easily add "stupid" AI, I will do that soon.


Well I did it! I officially made the most horrible, and at the same time hilarious, AI of all time. You may now add computer players after adding yourself to the fight. (Join as keyboard or game controller, then go press the "Add CPU" button on the lower-right to add up to three extra-stupid players. If anything, it's good for testing damaging other opponents. I highly recommend picking an enclosed or hole-free battlefield so the battle lasts a little longer. They're not bright at all. If you look at the source code under WolfAI, you'll see how small their brain is! CPU players will automatically randomly select a character to play as. You cannot change that unless you alter the code. They will also vote randomly on the music to be played. If you die to completely unintelligent artificial intelligence, then I am sorry... practice up!  :whip:

Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9pdazmlrhmb4jkb/UBB075a.zip?dl=0  (INCLUDES FULL SOURCE FOR PLAYING WITH. NOT FOR RE-BRANDING OR SELLING OR MAKING PUBLIC ELSEWHERE >-> )


Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9pdazmlrhmb4jkb/UBB075a.zip?dl=0

Many improvements.
Fixed input problems, a few leaks, and some stability issues. Fixed several "stupid AI" problems. (It's still stupid, but functionally stupid.)

Known issues remaining:
* LARGE characters (Like giant flaming corpse) may start stuck in blocks. I just need to move some starting points.
* That newest character (Bronto, from kirby, the lil' bird-bug thing,) is unfinished. Holding square (left button,) he can pick up any projectile and toss it / carry it. Gotta continually press jump to fly with him, like flappy bird!
* Had one instance where, after winning and doing a new round, I was always invincible... only had that happen once. If someone gets that, let me know what chars you used etc. Thanks!
* fixed a frame rate bug and issue with non dying CPU s


I tried to test it last night,
nice to see Keyboard is now being supported.
The overall controll getting scheme is pretty nice :good:
I wanted to add an AI Player but it wasn´t possible to click on the Add AI Button with the mouse.
Using the joypad I played some games against the stupid AI.
I tested many characters but couldn´t find the invincible bug you have mentioned.

I only found two odd things so far:
The contra stage is pretty strange, if you only have characters that can´t jump high enough to get out of the water holes on to the land.
On the Mario stage I got stuck with goomba in the corner between two blocks ( screenshot attached )

There are some nice maps designs included in this one.
Some characters really had much thought behind them, I liked the snowball character the most so far.
Some enemys have the option to change to different modes, I noticed speed differences of the characters when I changed modes,
when I was with goomba in the blue mode,
the special bar only got drained when I was jumping or falling, even though the character can also run faster when he is blue, is this intentional?
Characters like koopa, the shielded enemy from mega man ( if I manage to do a normal shot with him again ), where great,
also all the other characters that seemed finished.
The Lakitu has an attack, which drops a ?, that was the only time the AI got me =D
does it always do 300 Damage, or is it a random amount, could this also heal by a small chance?

Hope to see some more updates of this.


Thanks for trying, Nabz! Yes, Lakitu sometimes (like 1%) can drop a poisonous mushroom that will insta-kill anyone, no matter the situation. It doesn't happen often, and it's super super slow and easy to avoid. The second Goomba was designed to be "evasive" mode. I removed his bar-usage in the current build. There are many hidden moves that you'll learn by playing enough as each character. There are indeed some "unfinished" characters. They will all be refined over updates. As far as getting suck goes, it still occasionally happens. When you stomp as metal-goomba, tiles smash downward. This can cause Goomba to become stuck. That is something I am fixing in this update by making him bounce after smashing. This new update will also include randomly spawning items! So far there's an invincibility star and a coin that heals special bar. I've been adding many improvements to the game. I'll also fix that add-cpu-with-keyboard glitch. I never use the keyboard, so I probably overlooked it. Thanks for finding that one!  =D

edit: I am able to add CPUs with the mouse/keyboard... wondering why you weren't able to. did you not set up your keys properly? Delete keyboard.ini and re-set the keys. Make sure you set all 4 face buttons and start button. Just go over add-cpu, and either left-click or press the key you associated with the "x" button. Maybe you were just not pressing the proper button.


even after reentering my keys I can not activate the add ai button with a mouseclick nor by pressing one of the keyboards action buttons while hovering over the Add AI button. Very strange why this only happens to me...


Just figured out the problem. I had deprecated a variable (ncon) which used to tell how many controllers are plugged in. There was ONE little block of code still using it that was hiding from me! It's supposed to poll all players' connected devices for input. Since it was looping through "ncon" and not "numplayers," it effectively would take input only if at least one controller was plugged in, and only when trying to add CPUs with a keyboard and not a kb/mouse. I would not have noticed this glitch because I never unplug my game controllers. I've updated the game with the fix! I'll upload shortly.  =D


Update: Version 0.76a


Fixes the add-cpu issue with no game controllers, many wall-stuck glitches, many crashes, many input issues.
New features: Randomly spawning items! Only two items atm: invincibility star, coin.
Color-coded special bars.
Shows "Defeated!" on HUD when character is dead.

KNOWN GLITCH: Right now there's a problem where after gaining invincibility via the mario "star" item, sometimes "minion" type projectiles/effects hit multiple times, potentially wasting you in one hit. This has to do with improperly resetting the invincibility timer. I can fix it, I just have a lot of holiday work to do, it'll be fixed next update. Many "become invincibile" skills and items are slightly affected by the star's invincibility. I'm working on a quick patch to fix it.

If you wish, you can now alter several major variables in code. Inside the "init" code, you will find:

dmgmult# (1.0 is normal damage. This is the GLOBAL damage multiplier! If you change it to 2.0, all damage is doubled, etc.)
itemspawnrate% (1500 is default. It means new items spawn at a maximum of 25 seconds apart. Make it higher for items less often, lower for items more often.) I plan to make this and the default stock (5 lives) changeable in-game via a simple options menu, to tweak the fight each round.

All game controllers that work in windows should now work with my game. You can, as usual, also add the keyboard/mouse as a player, or play with NO controllers and just a keyboard and mouse, by yourself or vs CPUs.

CPUs are still quite stupid :)

Have fun!



Update: Version 0.77a (We're still in alpha stage :P)

What's new:
* Fixed multi-hitting 'minion' projectiles.
* Fixed audio pause/play issues with invincibility
* Added new items! Big/small energy containers from Megaman now spawn. Small heals 45, big heals 100. Does the classic "Freeze for a moment, play heal effect" from Megaman 1.
* Added Cutman's Stage! Includes original and remix music.
* Fixed a bug that caused players to sometimes be invincible for no reason.
* Fixed a framerate issue with a specific map (The dark kirby one.)
* Adjusted item spawn rates and spawn locations.

*** DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g96an0ns77sou8z/UBB077a.zip?dl=0 ***

Please test for bugs. As per usual, it includes the full source code. If you fix a bug let me know!


This is the kind of game that should be on YouTube Let's Play channels. Its just so crazy.