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Hi All,

I am a new user of GLBasic, so please forgive me if this is a dumb question.
I did use the search function first, and did not see what I was looking for.

My question is, where should I go for the most recent documentation for GLBasic.
The reason I ask is, I just noticed a thread here in the forums, which discusses a new command called CLEARSCREEN, and also this thread mentions that BLACKSCREEN is now deprecated.

Currently, I am using the help file from the glbasic ide menubar, although I have also been cross-referencing Nic's online manual (which in some ways I like the format of more -  Nice job Nic!).
I think I have noticed differences in these two sources of documentation, yet neither have I found mention of this new CLEARSCREEN command, so I am wondering if either are up to date, or if I am missing an essential link to the up to date and maintained documentation.
Am I indeed missing something?
If the documentation is just not always current, is there an easy way to find all the new features since the last document update?

Thanks in advance,
Thanks for the Welcom BigSofty   :)
Hi All,

I will follow AlienMaster's lead and introduce myself as well, as I purchased GLBasic over the weekend.
My name is Dave, and perhaps some of you will recognize me, from purebasic, or the game creators puregdk forum.
I also have a few posts at the blitz3D sdk forum, as I use that as well with purebasic.

Anyway, I started out as a CAD guy, and learned programming later.
I discovered Python, and have been hooked ever since.
I have played with many other languages, including C, Lua, Scheme, C#, VB, DB, PHP, Java, JS, etc.
When I discovered purebasic however, was when I found my home, where I became truly comfortable in a language, and I was able to accelerate past the curve.

Recently, I have been writing iPhone apps, using ansca corona. I have also played with Obj-C, and while I can stumble around with it, I don't like it.
Then over this weekend, I found a forum post (over on the blitz site I think) recommending GLBasic, so I checked out the demo, and purchased 2 hours later.
I have already completely translated one of my projects, not complete, but at the same state I was at in Corona.
I am very excited to have found GLBasic, which is much more like purebasic than corona, which is based on Lua.

Thanks to Gernot for developing GLBasic.  :)

Now to the topic of this thread...

Most of my knowledge comes from trial and error (lots of error)  :P
I of course have also gone through many tutorials as well as articles on the internet as well.