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This is the kind of game that should be on YouTube Let's Play channels. Its just so crazy.
Ahhh jeez 13 years. People always seem to have one project that goes on forever but usually give up! (psst, mine is a remake of Lords of Chaos that will likely never see life beyond my machine).

13 years. Hope he's working on the sequel.
'Bout time, so Happy Xmas  :D
You always make something fun and accessible. Voted it up.

Strange theme this time around. At least it wasn't Snowman XD

My wife and I submitted an entry for the Jam. Was being ambitious but luckily got it balanced and working enough to play okay.
This is great! I love that the characters have such a variety of attacks and qualities. Haven't had a chance to play it as it was intended, i.e. multiplayer but will soon.
This is great! For a bit I couldn't solve much then realised the screen can be scrolled when I noticed the puzzle overview in the top left.

EDIT: Is the way the picture is made into a puzzle worked out with an algorithm? Or do you have to solve it in reverse?
The rules state the resolution must be 256x192. I would love to work with twice that! 256x192 is so small.

Found a useful tool. It takes an image and makes it look like a spectrum screen image:

I played with it for a few minutes going back between photoshop and the tool. Produced this attempt at a Bruce Lee title screen:-

Simulating the colour limitations of the speccy is an interesting idea. Also, getting music to sound like its using an AY-3-8912 chip is an interesting challenge. I think there are tools to do that out there.

I'm already doing a jam in August. This does look fun though.
Quote from: SBlectric on 2014-Jul-19
I will when I fix the physics and add a bit of threading to chunk updates, as they freeze the game for a quarter-second maybe each time you place a block.

Hmm. That problem would also extend to other things that change blocks like water, lava and explosions I guess. Hope you find a nice solution!
Looking very much complete now. Once the music is there too it'll be great!

Don't know if you've already considered this further down the thread but it looks like it would work great as a HTML5 game, when the time comes.
That looks hard!

Its interesting how things are almost perpetually changing. Many games would milk that so you only got incremental changes per level.

What happens if the time limit runs out for defeating the bicycle monkey?
Quote from: Slydog on 2013-Dec-09
One thing I need to get better at (which I am at work) is keeping each code library completely independent from each other, as much as possible.  For example, my Input library will use my Rectangle (x, y, w, h) TYPE from another library, but then I can't change my Rectangle library without other libraries bugging out. (May be a bad example, but the point is valid).

Yeah! That's a pain. Its so tempting sometimes, when pushed for time, to just code a bowl of noodles. Things work but are so tangled up it takes time to de-couple libraries if you want to re-use them.
Off Topic / Re: Books
Very cool. Thanks a lot.  :)
Happy holidays!

Quote from: Slydog on 2013-Dec-09
Someone should do a Christmas / Holiday version of the GLBasic logo where the cubes are decorated with wrapping paper.

Yeah, or mod someone's existing game as a christmas version or something. :)
I had a look into the development time for this game. Collectively the coders must have spent many years on this and it shows. Makes me want to team up with people here in the thriving Vancouver indie scene.

Had a chance to play multiplayer for a decent stretch now. This game is amazing for multiplayer. One great touch is having multiple musical instruments you can find and then use to play collectively in a band, after downloading music in ABC format. That adds a lot of fun. The trouble with multiplayer is that quite a lot is left up to the client rather than the server. Because of that I was able to mod my player character to have god-like capabilities. I was practically invulnerable with infinite resources and curious powers far beyond what should be available in the normal game. I had a lot of fun with that, making crazy stuff happen and helping out noobs learn the game. Unfortunately it also enables griefers to do terrible, terrible damage - even crash servers by overloading them. Last night I had a party of 6-8 people I was zooming around the universe in, going to mysterious planets and exploring. Then someone decided to mess with my personal spaceship and made it so that anyone who came aboard would instantly die or be trapped by nasty stuff and this was a permanent change that couldn't be undone. The crazy thing is I couldn't kick them off my team, so I had to watch as they tore my ship to pieces and did away with my teammates. All this, it seems, because I didn't spend enough time complimenting them on their terrible looking spaceship.