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If anyone is interested, I've put my old HTC Desire on Ebay:-

Read the description though, as it's well used!

(UK only)



Released inline with Nags Heed Darts being available for Windows, Linux, OSX (Intel) and Android! 

Go have a peek*!


*If you find anything wrong, let me know! Tar
Quick question, what are the minimum/recommended specs to run a GLBasic app on Windows, Linux and Mac?

I want to add this info as I've moved both my games to these platforms (Inc Android), they work lovely on what I've tested, but (WinXPSP3, VistaSP2, Ubuntu, Snow Leopard), would like to advertise the hardware guff too! :)

The thing is, my hardware is what I would call decent, its me Mac, so, I havent a clue how low my apps could go!

Thanks in advance! :)

Looks like Android is in, so, here's a quick rundown on how to sign apk files for Android in regards to GLBasic:-

1) First, build you app for Android

2) Create a folder called "keytools" and make a folder in that called "keys"  (I create the keytools folder in my root GLBasic project folder)

3) Navigate to your {App_Project_Root}/android/bin directory and copy the file glbasic-debug.apk to your keytools folder

The glbasic-debug.apk file has already been signed with a default key, which is no good when releasing stuff on the Android Market (It wont be accepted), so, we need to remove the debug key and add our own

4) To unsign it, we need to remove a few files from the apk package, the apk file is just a zip file really, so, you need to explore the package using a archive utility, I use 7-zip.

5) When exploring the package, there is a folder in the root of the package called 'META-INF', go into that folder and there should be three files... MANIFEST.MF, CERT.SF and CERT.RSA... Remove these three files and your package will be unsigned.

6) Open command prompt (cmd.exe)

7) Navigate to your keytools folder
8} Type the following (Make sure your Java paths are correct, if not, use whole paths to the Java tools used below):-
9)keytool -genkey -alias mykey.keystore -keyalg RSA -validity 20000 -keystore keys/mykey.keystore

Then following the questions...

10) Type the following: jarsigner -verbose -keystore keys/mykey.keystore -signedjar glbasic-signed.apk glbasic-debug.apk mykey.keystore

11) You apk file should now be correctly signed.


Original instructions provided by therevills here:,109.0.html, and I just updated them for GLBasic! :)
Done this while waiting for Nags to get approval:-

Enjoy!!! :)


P.S. Make sure your browser can handle HTML5, or you'll be buggered... I recommend Chrome! :)
I have Backstage 14-1 and Calgary Bay 28/1, £10 on each of them.... Haway the gee gee's! :)

What you backing for the big'un?


P.S. Just in case people dont know what the Grand National is:
Basically, when setting the volume, say, at 0.5, which should be half, its barely audible.

More reading here:-

Which is roughly the same results I'm getting.

Mr Toad has mentioned that it uses DirectSound, which is horrible, wouldnt OpenAL be a lot better, with the added bonus of using the OGG format and potential for streaming music without having to worry about licenses!

When I use playsound with a volume of 1.0, its fine... Though, when I set it to 0.5, its barely audible, though, if I do the same with, say BlitzMax, setting the channel volume at 0.5:-

Code (glbasic) Select

sound = LoadSound ("path/sound.wav")
SetChannelVolume channel,0.5
ResumeChannel channel
Until ChannelPlaying(channel) = False

it produces a sound that does indeed sound half the volume on the auld ears, whereas in GLBasic, its nothing more then a whisper!?!

Code (glbasic) Select

GLOBAL soundVol# = 0.5

Any idea's?



Could GLBasic use this to allow for Android support?

Be bloody great if it did, would save me converting my game to Java!  =D

Hello! :)

I've wrote a game in GLBasic, built it using Build-Multiplatform/Iphone then opened up the xCode project... Though, when I try to run it (After clearing out a couple of errors), I've found that the lib:-


Does not exist in its supposed path /Users/michaeldenathorn/Desktop/XCode/GLBasic/Lib/libPROGRAM.a

(With libPROGRAM.a being highlighted red in the xCode thingy)

I've looked on the forum already and cannot see anything that states whats going on, so I apologize if this has been answered before, anyone help?