Debugger stop doesn't stop the program's execution

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If I'm running my program (GLBasic v10.283) and it runs to a breakpoint, if I hit Debugger->Stop, or shift-f5, the program starts running again instead of stopping the execution flow. From this point it also ignores any further breakpoints it hits.

Kitty Hello

I'll have a look. Very strange. Are you sure the program is halted and has not ended already?


Yes, control swaps back from the IDE to the program window and my program continues to execute (the graphics continue to update until I quit the program). It happens with both the key sequence and choosing the stop option off the debug menu.


Just to clarify :
This occurs when control has passed to the IDE (eg. you have hit a breakpoint). If you then hit SHIFT-F5 (or use the menus to stop debugging) the program runs (continues) instead of stopping. Additionally it does not return focus to the program window (another bug?)

If you then select the program window to give it focus, SHIFT-F5 will stop the program.