MOUSEAXIS(0) and 1 inside X_MAKE3D

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I originally had commented the MOUSESTATE command as I was only interested in watching the numbers. I put it back in to make the camera rotate - it's quicker to tell how well the mouse is being read by watching its results modify the 3D world than watching the numbers. It can be commented out and I still have MOUSEAXIS broken.

I get a lot more reliable results with the MOUSEAXIS commands next to the SHOWSCREEN, if they are at the top tgeb the results are a very intermittent (ie. exactly what MrTAToad raised originally).

Thanks for testing! It would be interesting to see if other people find it broken or working on their systems as its results are definately very unreliable for me. (I'm also going to assume you're testing on Windows as if you're testing on another platform you might be getting different behaviour).


First. as your game sucks up FPS, you will notice the difference for sure, because it is a velocity
Velocity, which means...distance and time relation.
This is why you must use mouseaxis at the showscreen area because it is using a timer of some sort.
I dont know the inner workings,but i really dont see why its a problem to just use it at the bottom.
The variable called at the bottom will remain consistant no matter where in the program you use it.

Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O