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That is an amazing acomplishment. Congratulations for both of you.   :good: lets celebrate !!  :booze:
Dear all, after almost two years of absence I'm officially back.
It is so good to see that most of you are still here and doing a great job

Since last week I returned to work on my main project which is a space strategy and has about 70% of the work done, so now it is just a matter of time until I can finally release a alpha version ...

will post some things about my project on my blog later...

I'm happy to be back. .!!

ps. what happened to the gallery of player's screenshoots ?
and who said God doesn't exist ?   :nw:

thank you

[edit (Kitty)] "Soli Deo Gloria"
cool man.. we will really love it :)
Quote from: Hemlos on 2008-Oct-13
LOL check this remark header out....6 years old haha....
....this is one of the command sets that evolved Doctor DiNgs, turn into Mr. "GLBasic" Hyde:  GLBasic. ver 1

im going to need a few hours to work on it to get it working like it did originally.
I will let you know, and ill post the code in networking when im done.
Its a  - MMO Client/Server Network
Code (a relic of glbasic giving birth) Select

// Project: HUB SERVER
// Start: Tuesday, October 01, 2002
// Compiler Version: 1.20821

Hello Hemlos... just wondering if you could post the code you mentioned above :)
GLBasic - en / Re: netports
Hello Hemlos... any updates ? :) regards
This happened to me 100 times already, almost every compilation i had to close the IDE. Noticed it on the version 6 as well, it appears that the few first compilation are ok after some time it start missing changed files. So I closed the Ide and compile it again. and on more than one project.
GLBasic - en / Re: netports
I see, well I'm still not able to have a stable client/server demo, time to time they hung, if a client app is closed it leave the connection blocked for some time, If I try to connect a new client it did not find the server. So the basic of network is not working to me, I believe this new wrapper should be explained to us in a more detailed way.

@Hemlos : what about that mmo example you had :) would mind sharing it with us mere mortals? :D
GLBasic - en / Re: netports
to me it block every time i close the client app... I really hope the network part will be fixed one day... there is still the same errors I had since i started using GLBasic...
well I don't like it at all........... I love it! I've been waiting to start working on the network part of my game because of instability of glb net commands ... at least this will give me some way around it... you guys really rocks. :)

congrats MRTAToad :)
that's really cool Hemlos.. !!!
just awesome...   :S  :good:
GLBasic - en / HSL and HSV
there is any way of using HSL or HSV color modes with glbasic ?
GLBasic - en / Re: ATAN
D²O if I ever get any money from this I give you a share !!! :D very thanks, it worked better than I wanted... I was trying to calculate it in a diferent way, and it was not working at wall... you saved my project. :D